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Funny Job Interview Stories


Interview is an important part in a person’s life, since it decides his or her future career, but at times they end up being a funny weird experience. Here are a few samples of funny job interview stories that will surely bring a smile in your face, with a piece of knowledge as well.

  • A well-qualified guy attended an interview and when the interviewer asked him the reason to quit his previous job. He started to abuse and rake about his ex-boss with fuming words for the next 5 minutes. The interviewer with a smile said to the applicant that his ex-boss is her fiancé. After hearing this, the applicant became dumb for one minute with a blank blood drained expression.  Of course he was not hired!
  • A person applied for the customer care job and was summoned for an interview. After series of questions the interviewer asked him one thing that annoys him about the customer care job position. The candidate immediately replied, “The fact to deal with real people”. You can clearly guess the fate of the candidate. Yes he was not appointed!
  • An applicant put up huge posters of him at the entrance of the company and in the parking lot, assuring about his qualified prospective. And another applicant rented a big billboard closer to the company’s hiring professional’s office so that the manager could see it clearly from his cabin. And then started listing out his extraordinary qualifications and benefits of hiring him. Manager was impressed and the candidate was hired.
  • A beautiful girl attended an interview and was answering briskly. Suddenly her cell phone rang and she hastily picked the call and summoned the interview manager to leave his office, since it was her boyfriend calling.
  • job-interviewOnce an elegant looking lady who had applied for the clerk position walked into the interview room professionally dressed and answered the queries with confidence and smartness. But at last she confided that she was under medications for depression, which had made her beat up her ex-boss, just because she was little upset with him. The interviewers were in dilemma now!
  • An interviewing manager queried the candidate if he had previous experiences in a particular programming language, for which the applicant panicked and said a big NO. And then he suddenly bend down across the interview table attempting to check his own resume and said, I really do not know, is it written in my resume so?”
  • Once a candidate was asked by the human resource manager about her targeted goal in career. She immediately replied it was to replace the interviewer’s post.
  • A recruiting agency that has a lobby with small space and once a gorgeous lady walked in and said that she is interested in working for a particular job. The manager immediately gave her an application form to fill it with details about her qualifications and experiences. She was made to sit in a separate room and asked to ring a bell once she had finished filling the form. In just five minutes she rang the bell and the curious officer asked her the reason. She said with a serious looking face, that she was having trouble in filling the application because of the voices, which were interrupting her. Since the candidate was the only person seated at the lobby, the HR manager was confused and asked what voices were distracting her attention. She said in a spooky manner, “those voices echoing in my head.” The officer was shocked and fled for safety. The candidate was rejected with caution.

Every person might have experienced some mishaps or funny happenings when they attended an interview. Certain funny job interviews end up being the best thing. Maybe the moment would have been weird, but later it will surely place a smile in your heart and lips. Share your joy but remember the mistakes and avoid them in the future for best results in the interview! Good luck!