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What are Gravity Roller Conveyors and how do they work?

Gravity roller conveyors assist in the process of easy mobilization of products or things within places at perfect convenience and comfort.

What are Gravity Roller Conveyors?


Gravity roller conveyors are used for transporting various items and products from one place to another. These conveyors are usually seen in storage rooms, loading docks and distribution centers etc. According to the place of use and the environment type, these gravity roller conveyors are fitted and set up for handling in an efficient way.

There are two kinds of conveyors available in the market namely-

  • Roller based conveyors
  • Wheel based conveyors

Both these conveyors are manufactured with high quality materials for sturdy, flat and solid platform that helps in handling things effectively. This is the reason for the insufficient process capacity for transporting loose, round and bumpy products such as food stuffs or bottles. Unless they are packed within a durable container it is really difficult to ride it across the wheels or rollers. However it is not necessary to cover or close the topmost layers of the packages or boxes.

Construction of the Gravity roller conveyors

Most of the conveyors are built with sturdy materials like steel and aluminum construction. When it is made with aluminum materials it offers easy portability and easy mobility because of the light weight. The steel conveyors offer maximum stability and durability, which can withstand any types of wear and tear during the transporting procedures. The tracks are available in different lengths and widths. You can look through the available sizes and pick the one that well suits your working conditions. You can choose the gravity roller conveyors with curved features for comfort while changing the directions from one point to another point. But this totally depends on the construction of system and package type.

Working Mechanism of the Gravity roller conveyors

The roller conveyors are one of the best products used for lifting boxes or packages from one space to another, moving them to a hand pulled truck or cart. In this way it eliminates unnecessary energy exertion for moving the stock. It works with gravity mechanism and the angled rack will hold intact the boxes without any motion. Once the box start moving across the conveyors, the wheels start rolling thus transporting it to the targeted destination. When it reaches the destination points its motion is stopped by fixing an area to land or by keeping a stationary solid object on the way. There are options provided to add more sections to the Gravity roller conveyors for increasing the length of the roller track.

Functions and features of Gravity roller conveyors

Gravity Roller ConveyorsThe roller conveyors are designed to work in various setups. They are made with light or medium duty construction and equipped with metal tubes that have bearings within each end. Replacing the rollers is an easy process that can be done by slightly pushing the rollers to the sideways and then pulling it out from the place it has been seated. And then a fresh spring roller can be inserted within those empty spaces of the solid seating bottoms.

Solid products can be easily transported by implementing the gravity roller conveyors in the work space. The roller based conveyors are designed exclusively for offering greater capacity to carry weights than the ordinary skate wheel fitted Conveyors. These gravity rollers have axle loaded with springs which makes the loading and removal of goods easy and comfortable process. In the wheeler conveyors, the products need to be wider than the conveyor belts. Gravity roller conveyors are perfect choice for transporting goods on a push line level or any flow line eventually.