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How to keep Cool while working in a Warehouse?

Working within the warehouse premises during the summer season is really a challenging task that requires attention. As the heat becomes unbearable, the company faces various issues related to efficiency and productivity. Workers in distribution centers will find it difficult to effectively concentrate when the temperature is shooting up.

The sweaty and hot conditions inside warehouse will take a toll on employee’s health and thereby affecting the productivity. Listed are a few tips for keeping the workers cool while working in a hot incubated warehouse.

Keeping cool by mounting HVLS fans

HVLS fans

In some situations air conditioning the whole warehouse might be a difficult task and there are various methods available for cooling the huge footage spaces at less expensive rates. One such excellent method is to install High Volume Low Speed fans. As we all know the distribution centers have high ceilings that keep changing according to the materials stocked. During hot summer months the warehouses will be like a blazing fire emitting heat from all ends.

There are industrial fans available in the market with high end quality and better ventilation, making the huge areas a little cooler. These fans are usually mounted in the ceiling and are designed to evenly spread cool air in huge spaces that cover plenty of rows with unreachable tall racks.

The air generated from these fans does not flow as strong winds but rather it blows in a soothing manner as a gentle breeze. Quality of the air is improved because the fans will blend the stagnant air with the fresh incoming air. They are magnificent equipment that can help in minimizing the heated temperature by efficient cooling mechanism.

Keeping the conveyors friction free

conveyors friction freeBeware that the working of the conveyor is friction free and reduces the heat surrounding the environment. Understand those friction points and work in a way to keep it cool. While rotating and moving the inner parts of the conveyor belts heats up and starts generating heat to the areas surrounding. Few things you should check for stabilizing the heat and keeping the workplace cool are listed below-

  • The bearing seals should be checked frequently
  • The reducer oil should be checked
  • Keep the conveyor motor cool and avoid over heating


Keep the workers hydrated

Warm waterThe warehouse employees and managers should be kept cool, in order to reduce stress at working hours. When the heat reaches its peak, the workers feel suffocating because of heat strokes and exhaustion. This might lead to various other heart problems and other health issues. Workers can avoid these complications generated by radiant heat sources and high level of humidity by drinking plenty of water.

The heat will also make the workers feel depressed and stressed; therefore will result in poor performance in productivity. Plenty of water supplies should be made available in the warehouse spaces for maximum benefits.

Control the temperature

Air conditioning warehouseAir conditioning the entire warehouse space areas will help in controlling the climate but this could not be afforded by every company. An alternative to keep the warehouse cool is to segment the warehouse area and apply cooling in a partial way. The scorching sun rays might penetrate through the warehouse areas even at the air conditioned areas.

Separating these cooling areas  with vinyl strip curtains and tight strip doors will help in keeping the cool spaces from getting heated by the ambience. The partitions or the strip doors need to be sealed in order to prevent the heat from other areas.

Employees working in cool and good condition can show effective productivity and excellent performance. Therefore it is essential to keep the environment cool for efficient results.