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Amazing RFID Technology in Warehouses

Many businesses, warehouses, hospitals and operative centers use the RFID technology for tracking the progress of merchandise mobility.

What is RFID?

RFID is a wireless non-contact use of radio-frequency electromagnetic fields that helps in transferring data for identifying and tracking tags attached to objects. They fill enormous information data in every tag and are extensively useful. Other traditional tracking systems do not allow tagging extra information.


Warehouses are the top listed industry that benefits much by the RFID technology. The tags are known as “smart labels” and are usually placed on pallets and cases. The readers are allowed to read the RFID tag by encoding, in case it is operated on legacy system.

Why is RFID technology popular?

  • Unchanged information with RFID

The RFID technology is created to survive and operate through industrial ambience. Warehouse department cherish the wonderful features such as sensitivity and flexibility of the RFID. You can easily program or tune the Tags in a way that certain information coded in these tags can remain forever and cannot be changed. And the software is user friendly and caters the needs of every separate warehouse according to their requirements.

  • Accuracy

RFID technology offers 100% accurate results in every business or distribution centers they are used. The tags are prepared carefully to enable correct information is encoded in a proper manner.

  • Easy reading

Warehouses find it easy and simple to read and understand the chips while used in large spaced centers. Since they can transmit messages even over greater distance, this technology is considered as the ultimate source.

Managing packing and shipping information in warehouse with RFID Technology

It is very important that whenever any packages are shipped or received, this information should be transferred to that particular location where the materials are being shipped. The tags in the transported packages are carefully scanned and information is stored securely. Once the scanning is completed they are easily distributed to the targeted destination immediately. Thus both the receiver and the sender will have complete information about the materials inside the packages. Then a lading bill will be issued by the receiver, which will be matching to the materials subscribed in order by the system.

RFID tagsThey also confirm the arrival of the packages in Safe condition by scanning a confirmation receipt. Businesses find this RFID technology greatly useful since it allows the receivers to be confirmed of the packages even without checking it manually.

Therefore RFID technology helps in eliminating various manual work involved and human errors occurring both at the receiving and shipping ends. In case there is any problem in the information provided by the codes, then it can be checked at any one of the points for rectifying the error. And therefore errors can be easily detected and deleted even before the packages are distributed. In this way, the business will be able to gain their precious money and time.

Many warehouses have started implementing RFID technology in their management operations for providing cost effective, efficient, accurate and streamlined method for tracking the packages and stocks, which are transported between the management centers. RFID labels and tags can be seen in ever day merchandise as well, such as footwear, clothes and more. These tags will enable to track the customers and check the mobility of the goods at the entrance with the help of the RFID reader technology.

Thus RFID is considered as a boon for the warehouses and other departments, since it has made every procedure simple and efficient!