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How to Keep Warm in a Warehouse

Cold storage warehouses are essential for supply chain management because they keep food and beverages from spoiling. Unfortunately, the low temperatures that keep perishable goods intact make the environment unfavorable to its workers. Thankfully, there are special apparels and devices that can keep the employees from getting nippy. If you work in a cold storage warehouse, then here are clothes that will keep you warm in a warehouse:


Your head is one of the many escape routes for heat. As such, you need to keep your head warm by putting on insulated beanies and caps. Remember to pick a product that retains heat but allows sweat evaporation as well.


If you often use your hands in warehouse work, then you need to have a pair of insulated  foam gloves handy. Make sure to pick ones that come with specialized palm/finger grips and polyester shells. These will keep your hands toasty while you work through boxes and crates.

Thermal Underwear

As the first layer for cold protection, thermal underwear can provide the much-needed heat in cold storage warehouses. For optimum results, pick long-sleeved thermal shirts and ankle-length underwear made of polyester and cotton. These materials are the best when it comes to retaining heat and absorbing sweat.

Coats and Heavy Jackets

To keep warm during your shift, you need to put on an insulated heavy jacket or coat. Make sure to pick one  that can defend you from common environmental elements, such as snow, sleet and rain. It is best if you pick an outerwear with thick, woolen collars as it can provide additional warmth to your neck area. If you can purchase one that comes with an insulated hood, you will be able to hit two birds with one stone.

Additionally, choose an apparel that comes with big pockets so you can keep important work-related items and documents with you.

Freezer Coveralls

If you are assigned to freezer work, then one indispensable garment that can keep you nippy in a below-zero environment is the freezer coverall. True to its’ name, it is a one-piece item of clothing that comes with insulated pockets, arms and legs. The outer shell is resistant to wear, tear and wind, making it the perfect apparel for freezer work. While it is bulkier than other coveralls, it is made of flexible material that allows you to move freely at work.


Keeping your foot warm is essential, as normal or warmer temperature keeps the blood circulating in your lower extremities. Your first line of protection for your feet should be a couple of woolen socks that reach your shins. For extra comfort, buy socks with reinforced heels and toes.


Of course, you need to pair up your woolen socks with insulated work boots. Make sure to pick insulated styles with comfort insoles. If you want to keep your feet warm, then go for work boots made of synthetic nylon and leather. For additional warmth, avail of boots that come with fleece collars.

Apart from keeping your feet insulated, your footwear should also protect you from accidental slippage. For your safety, buy shoes with rubber soles as these are the best when it comes to gripping.

Other Considerations

Apart from wearing insulating headgear, clothes and footwear, there are other techniques that can help you keep warm in the warehouse:

  • Walk around. Not only will this help you shed some calories, it can give you the additional warmth to go through with your work.
  • Whenever you are feeling cold, clench your fingers so that you make a fist. If you can, wiggle your toes as well. These activities can promote blood circulation and deliver warmth through the aforementioned areas.
  • Avoid caffeinated beverages. While coffee can make you feel warm initially, it can render you cold in the long run. That’s because caffeine constricts blood vessels, resulting in colder fingers and toes.

Working in a cold storage warehouse does not have to be a thermal nightmare. By following these tips, you can be able to keep warm and toasty – no matter how cold it might be.