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Typical Warehouse Equipment

In order for a warehouse to fully serve its purpose, it needs to have several kinds of equipment that can make the process of storing and dispatching a lot easier. It is then up to you, the budding warehouse worker, to be familiar with its uses and how it can simplify your work life.

If you plan on working in a warehouse, knowledge in its basic items and machinery is a must! Make sure to brush up on your knowledge regarding common warehouse equipment, such as:

Pallet Jacks or Lifters

Pallet jacks, also known as pallet pumps, pallet trucks, jiggers or pump trucks, are devices utilized to move and lift pallets (flat transport structures.) It is an important equipment for any warehouse because it allows the easy carrying and moving of heavy objects. There are many types of pallet jacks, so you can choose one that is perfect for your warehouse’s size or transporting needs.

  • Transpositioners – As the name suggests, these devices are handy for moving pallets from docks to storage areas. They can also be used in transporting loads to the different areas of the warehouse.
  • Lifter Transporters – These work just like transpositioners, but they bear a lower weight capacity. Ideal for small to medium-sized warehouses, lifter transporters can mobilize items weighing anywhere from 440 pounds to as much as 3000 pounds.
  • Trans-stackers – These devices can be used in moving heavy pallets from one shelf to another. Recommended for big warehouses, it can carry as much as 3000 pounds’ worth of pallets.
  • Unit Lifter – Ideal for open-bottom and skid pallets, a unit lifter can carry as much as 3300 pounds of heavy items.
  • Container Tilters – Machines built for work positioning, these tilters can tilt heavy containers very easily. They are usually utilized in offloading and machine feeding.
  • Pallet Truck – The most common type of pallet jack, a pallet truck facilitates the easy transportation of pallets from place to place.
  • Hand Truck – Perfect for small loads, a hand truck is an efficient device for warehouses with small and tight spaces.


When it comes to easier and faster product movement and transportation, forklift trucks are the machines of choice in warehouses, especially in big ones. This item, developed in the 1960’s, is a powerful industrial truck that can move and transport items with minimal fuss. Forklifts can either be electrically-powered or gas-powered.

Shrink Wrap Equipment

Packaging goods and items is an essential activity in any warehouse, and as such, any storage area can benefit a lot from shrink wrap equipment. It can be used to combine several items together, so they can be transported as a single unit.

Shrink wrap equipment make use of film, which is wrapped around the product in order to seal it. Heat is then applied in order to shrink the packaging.

There are many types of shrink wrap equipment available, with each model designed to pack certain types of goods or materials. Examples include:

  • Straight Bar Sealer – For CDs, DVDs and Video Tapes, comes with a straight bar to cut film.
  • Continuous Band Sealer – Enables continuous sealing; perfect for items that can spill such as powders and grains.
  • L-Bar Sealer – Utilizes an L-shaped bar to cut shrunken film in just one pass.

Gravity Conveyors

Moving boxes and big parcels from one point to another is a hard and taxing task, that is why most warehouses make use of gravity conveyors. These reliable devices make use of bearings and roller wheels, in order to transport boxes from one location to another. Depending on usage and need, gravity conveyors can be adjusted to a variety of shapes and lengths.

Gravity conveyors are specifically recommended in warehouses where there are loading docks, in order to facilitate the shipping of items.