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Where are Government Warehouse Jobs?

Just like private companies, the government needs warehouses too. They can be simple areas for the storage of old files and records, to tightly-guarded places where prized items are kept. Because of the many branches of government that need good safekeeping and inventory, there are many job opportunities available for interested parties. Get to work for the government – and enjoy federal benefits as well – by brushing up on these government warehouse job opportunities.

Military Government Warehouse Jobs

Yes, you can serve the military without being deployed overseas. You can get a government warehouse job by being a warehouse/distribution specialist.

It is a known fact that the military has a whopping inventory of ammunition, spare parts, food, and medicine. In order to keep the supply operation in smooth order, warehouse/distribution specialists are needed.

To get such jobs, you have to possess the following qualities:

  • Physical strength
  • Attention to detail
  • Accurate record-keeping
  • Ability to operate forklifts and warehouse equipment is preferred

As for the job location, you get the chance to work in big supply centers, small supply rooms, and ship storerooms.

Justice Government Warehouse Jobs

The Department of Justice – specifically the Bureau of Prisons – needs warehouse specialists who can keep the operations smooth and streamlined. If you believe you can do this, then a job at this government warehouse is for you.

For this employment opportunity, you need to properly receive, store, and ship important supplies to different areas. Inventory checking and records-keeping are important parts of the job as well. A forklift operation certificate is highly preferred since the warehouse features pallets of goods and supplies.

Currently, Justice warehouses in Pennsylvania and Texas have these job openings.

Health and Human Services Government Warehouse Jobs

Good health is an integral part of the government. If the citizens are unhealthy, the country’s productivity will be greatly affected.

With that being said, the US Health and Human Services Department has to keep medicines, vaccines, and medical supplies at bay. They should be ready for requisition as health care institutions deem fit. This is where the warehouse specialist comes in handy. To get this government warehouse job, you need to be:

  • Organized and neat
  • Precise and artistic
  • Knowledgeable of warehouse practices
  • Able to work with minimal supervision

Openings are available in various Health and Human Services warehouses in Maryland and Texas.

Agriculture Government Warehouse Jobs

The country’s agriculture is just as important as the economy. Keep the American natural resources in pristine condition by working in the warehouses of the Department of Agriculture. For this job you need to be able to:

  • Perform packing or storage activities
  • Conduct accurate inventory
  • Ensure items are properly labeled
  • Operate forklifts efficiently and safely
  • Perform job in compliance to house/safety rules

Openings are available in the Department of Agriculture’s Montana warehouse.

Interior Government Warehouse Jobs

The Department of Interior is in charge of the conservation of land and natural resources. It is also responsible for the program administration in the insular areas of the country. One of its branches is the Bureau of Reclamation, which oversees water resource management.

With water being one of the most precious resources of the country, the Bureau needs to employ excellent warehouse specialists who can help them in its goal of providing safe water supply, adequate irrigation, and clean hydroelectric power.

As a warehouse worker for the Bureau of the Reclamation, you need to be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Receive, issue, store, distribute , and ship supplies and goods
  • Inspect, load, and unload supplies
  • Locate, access, load, and move materials and supplies
  • Operate forklifts, trucks, and other warehouse equipment
  • Carefully handle and store hazardous materials

If you are willing to work in the Bureau’s warehouse in Washington, then this government warehouse job is what you are looking for.