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ABC Warehouse is one of the leading retail chain appliance and electronic store that’s headquartered in Pontiac, Michigan. The appliance and electronic store company was initially founded in 1963 and at the present time the company has already established 43 stores mainly in Michigan, Indiana and in Ohio. Additionally, ABC Warehouse also handles operational sales at Mickey Shorr (with 16 stores) and at Hawthorne (2 stores). This is to provide more services to clients who wants to avail of low priced appliances, furnitures and electronic products. ABC Warehouse provides the best service to their customers when it comes to selling appliances,furnitures, electronics and even computer products. Well, the company is well known for its motto “The Closest Thing to Wholesale” which means that you can certainly avail of their products at very low prices.


The founding of ABC Warehouse was indeed a successful event. It started as a single store in Pontiac Michigan. Gordon Hartunian, the founder of the company has proven that the value of the product and their services is what’s more important than merchandising embellishments. Eventually the store grows slowly but steadily. During the 80’s, the company had it’s expansion operation and they eventually acquired Mickey Shorr in 1985 which added more stores in Detriot. Before the year ended, 10 ABC Warehouses and 5 Mickey Shorr outlets were opened. The success of the company continued during the 80’s and 90’s era. During the 90’s ABC Warehouse was included in the top home appliance competitors in the U.S.. Moreover, in the year 1993, the company purchased 60$ million worth of shares to their competitor Highaland Superstores to acquire it including their 5 store locations. This enabled the company to expand more stores which have reached Indiana during that time. As the company expands their services to their clients they continue to enhance their services as well to offer more reasonable and valuable products and generate more jobs. This is thanks to their founder Gordon Hartunian.

Warehouse Jobs

Major Appliance and Audio/Video Sales


You need to have the responsibility in assessing and providing better services for day to day clients who are in search for brands of appliances, videos and audio products which are readily available in the warehouse store. You should also be knowledgeable when it comes to the different kinds of appliance, audio and video products which are in store for sale for clients. You should have excellent, energetic and polite communication skills to customers.

Computer/ Small Appliance and Personal Electronic Sales

Your responsibility is to handle the day to day services to clients when it comes to computer, small appliance and personal electronic sales to customers. You should have the skills and knowledge in computers, including installation and when it comes to small appliance and personal electronic sales with good communication skills and with the right selling services attitude towards customers.

Car Audio Sales/ Installers

You have the sole responsibility to provide excellent offers in selling car audio products. Skills in audio installation are a plus. Must have the right attitude and communication skills in selling and should be energetic and polite towards customers.

Office Help/Cashiers

Specialize in office jobs or office help and can work under pressure in different office tasks assigned with excellent work output. Cashiers have the responsibility to handle cashier services with excellent, accurate and honest work output for the company and for the customers.

Why Work at ABC Warehouse?

Being a part of the workforce at ABC Warehouse provides excellent benefits. You can avail of the company’s full benefit package, 401k, profit sharing, medical including dental benefits. You can also work full time and part time and employees are indeed helpful when it comes to new workers. The company is here to provide you their best when it comes to the benefits they would offer. It’s not about their success, but the success of their workers as well.