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Acme chain of fresh grocery supermarket first started in the year 1891 in Philadelphia, United States, by Robert Cawford and Samuel Robinson. This store became the base for future successive venture and gained good reputation amongst people. The chain of stores has widespread across the nation with 117 supermarkets and is now owned by Boise, which is an Idaho based Company. The Acme has the headquarters located in East Whiteland Township, Pennsylvania in the Philadelphia suburb, near Malvern.

Few locations of the Acme warehouse:

  • Acme MarketsDelaware, Oregon
  • Mount Laurel, New Jersey
  • Amherst, New York
  • Mentor, Ohio
  • Bentonville, Arizona
  • Ek Grove Village, Illinois
  • San Francisco, California
  • St. Louis, Missouri
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Bismarck, North Dakota

Acme Warehouse Jobs:

The Acme distribution center provides excellent career opportunities for entry level positions and other official areas. Let’s take a look at some of the Acme warehouse jobs

First Shift Warehouse worker

The First Shift Warehouse workers are responsible for helping the driver’s to load merchandise in the morning and maintain other warehouse activities like organizing and clearing the Dock. They should assist in everyday warehouse shipping like loading and unloading; various other general distribution centers operations and functions. They should be able to communicate and carry on the duties assigned to them by the first warehouse shift supervisor. First shift warehouse worker job requirement are as follows-

  • Perform the assigned works with intelligence, dedication and proficiently
  • The candidate should be prompt and follow the policies and directions prescribed by the CDS Logistics
  • They need to designated areas in the distribution centers such as cabinets, appliances, millwork, storage, data networks and other account sections.
  • Assist in the loading and unloading procedures and also must possess physical ability to lift, shift and pull up to 75lbs
  • Must be qualified in OSHA Compliant and Forklift certification

Warehouse Operation supervisor

The operation supervisor is responsible for documenting and holding the dailyshift meetings and procedures. They need to implement those things that were discussed during the meetings. They must possess excellent communication skills to work as a team to solve issues faced every day in the warehouse activities along with the Shift manager. The job requirements for the Acme warehouse operation supervisor jobs.

  • The candidate should be qualified with a High School diploma or G.E.D extensively
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills with proficiency in Microsoft Office Applications
  • They are responsible for coordinating and distributing daily work assignments to the specified personnel
  • Ensure the warehouse remain organized in order to perform the duties without any interruption
  • Experience in the Warehouse operations and Forklifts operations is a must

Forklift operator

The forklift operator is accountable to the warehouse manager and supervisor directly. The candidate should be skilled in operating the warehouse equipment within the various departments in the center and travel to other warehouses for fulfilling the operational duties assigned to him. This is a regular full time work and the job requirements for the Acme warehouse forklift operator jobs are as follows-

  • Pay attention to the details of the everyday activities in the warehouse
  • Must possess basic math knowledge and pass vision test and the drug test eventually
  • They need to have physical ability to lift up to 75lb and wear appropriate PPE if necessary
  • Skilled and experienced in operating the Standup Forklift with excellence
  • Perform other warehouse activities like cleaning and organizing the merchandise.


Employees working in Acme markets are offered some of the best packages such as

  • Acme warehouseDental, Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • insurance coverage
  • 401(k)
  • Vacation pay
  • Employee assistance program
  • Training & development and many other benefits.

Apply for a job in Acme:

Acme markets offer excellent career opportunities in every sector within the distribution centers. If you are a motivated individual searching for long term employment with great salary incomes then you can submit your applications along with your resume by clicking on the following link-


Associates working in Acme get paid in the range of $11 – $15 every hour. Meanwhile Assistant Manager gets about $30k – $50k per month.

Company Standing:

Employee reviews suggest that Acme markets is a not a friendly workplace. Only 39% of employees are willing to recommend the company to their friends and 50% approve of the CEO, Wayne C. Sales

Pros of working in the company are

  • Flexible working hours
  • Great pay and benefits

And the cons include

  • Poor Management
  • No career advancement