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Albertsons is a fantastic American grocery company that was based and founded in Boise, Idaho in the year 1939 by Joe Albertsons. The Albertsons became a grant success and expanded steadily across the Nation. Now the grocery company is widespread across 20 US states with 1,119 hypermarkets.

Albertsons was transformed in to a Public Company and it was later bought by Cerberus Capital Management. Albertsons distribution centers provides wide ranges of job opportunities in advance levels depending upon the education, talents history and other factors of the candidate.

Few Albertsons Warehouse locations:

  • Albertsons warehouseBuckeye, Arizona
  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • San Francisco, California
  • Burlington, Washington
  • Pueblo, Colorado
  • Houston, Texas
  • Reading, Pennsylvania
  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Louisville, Kentucky

Albertsons Warehouse jobs:

There are plenty of distribution center jobs available at Albertsons with excellent pays and wonderful promising future. Let’s take a look at some of them

Data warehouse developer

Data warehouse developer is responsible for maintaining the practices of modeling, dimensional data, relational structures, and other reporting techniques. Candidates possessing an inner desire for long term employment opportunities in a team oriented fast paced wonderful environment. They need to be qualified with Information Systems, Computer Science and other related fields. It would be preferable to possess minimum of 7 years’ experience with warehouse design and analysis experience with complete knowledge about data modeling and warehouse methodologies. Job requirements for Albertsons Data warehouse developer jobs-

  • The Data warehouse Architect should lead BI development in conjunction with stakeholders, clients, managers and end users
  • They are responsible for managing the vendor relations that includes project deliverables, SLAs with the various management strategies such as ITIL framework and BI products development efforts respectively
  • Understand the physical, financial and resource needs for achieving the objectives and maintaining the capitals and expenses. Selecting data warehouse components like the management systems and hardware solutions
  • Plan the project oversight and work together as a team to optimize the delivery on time

Warehouse Dispatch

The warehouse dispatch or Warehouse Assistant is responsible for the material moving and transportation of the warehouse stuffs to the destined places respectively. They need to possess excellent skills with distribution center experience. The candidates should have minimum 1 year of experience in the warehouse dispatch for extra qualification. The candidates are expected to possess general computer knowledge that includes Map Quest and Google Maps. Job requirements for Warehouse Dispatch careers-

  • The candidates should be experienced in heavy lifting and must be skilled to lift from 70 to 100lbs of materials accordingly
  • They should assist with warehouse jobs such as organizing and presorting before deliveries of materials
  • Individual with experience in pallet jacket equipment and forklift are preferred
  • Depending on the working environment assigned to individuals they need to be comfortable enough in working excellently as team environment or as an individual alone
  • The candidate should help in scheduling and dispatching trucks, crews and workers whenever necessary

Warehouse Associate

The candidate applying for warehouse associate jobs should possess qualifications of Bachelor’s degree or High School Diploma or GED respectively. They should be skilled in lifting up to 50 lbs and be able to cooperate and contribute as a team along with other members and managers. Job requirements for Warehouse Associate careers-

  • The candidate need to be skilled in operating material handling equipment easily and skillfully
  • Assist the team and other officials to unload, stock and process the freight for delivery and shipment
  • Organize the various tasks and help in maintaining the safety of the warehouse by working and cooperating as a team
  • Skilled to thrive within the fast paced environment and perform as a team other warehouse duties efficiently


Benefits enjoyed by the employees are endless such as flexible spending capacity, 401k plan, life insurance, health benefits and more.

Apply for a job in Albertsons:

Albertsons shopIf you are interested in working for Albertsons with a desire to work for a long-term then please visit the link and apply online. First time users have to create a username and password before applying.


An associate working in Albertsons gets paid around $10 – $15 per hour. Meanwhile Operations Supervisor gets about $60k – $75k per month.

Company Standing:

From the employee reviews it is obvious that most of the employees are not satisfied with the company. Only 40% of employees are willing to recommend the company to their friends and 52% approve of the CEO, Bob Miller.
Pros of working in the company are

  • Great work environment
  • Good pay and benefits
  • The union to always back you up

And the cons include

  • Work during weekends and holidays
  • No career advancement opportunities
  • Very busy and hard labor