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Logo of American Furniture Warehouse

Logo of American Furniture Warehouse

American Furniture Warehouse is a furniture retailer headquartered in Colorado. On this page, we are going to to take a look at what kind of job opportunities are provided by AFW.


American Furniture Warehouse was founded in the year 1975 by Jacob Jabs. Jacob Jabs spent much of the 1950s trying to start a business with home electronics but it was a brief stint. In the year 1975, Jacob Jabs purchased the 90-year-old company American Furniture Company that was struggling at that time. The company, under the new C.E.O, then became American Furniture Warehouse. As of this day, AFW has 12 locations, all of them in Colorado.


With American Furniture Warehouse, you have several job opportunities that you can apply for.

You can work as a delivery driver wherein you will be following directions and making deliveries. You will need to be available to work weekends, holidays as well as evenings. You will also submit MVR with your application for this particular position.

Other warehouse positions usually require you to perform warehouse duties including forklift operation and other duties wherein you will be lifting, pushing and pulling weights in the range of 70-200 pounds. You will be loading as well as unloading trucks and performing other duties such as cleaning and maintenance of the warehouse. You will also be using computers and RF to enter records. You will receive, mark and tag products with identifying information and report to the warehouse supervisor. You will also be required to read important documents such as production schedule, work orders, shipping orders, pick sheets, etc in order to complete your tasks.

Online job application:

The online job application for American Furniture Warehouse isn’t like the process for many other warehouses. The official website’s career page is:

The page shows no categorical display of job opportunities or even a job search function. It just shows currently available positions and the visitor is required to email their application to the following email address:


For American Furniture Warehouse job interview, you will be called based on the application you have to send to the specified mail address for a position listed on the page. If you are applying for a position such as forklift operation, you might be asked how much experience you have with forklift operation or similar such questions. Other than that, it is going to be usual set of questions about why you want to work there or when you can start.


The salary details will be specified during the process of interview for a position. However, the website states that the salary for a delivery driver is $60,000+ a year and the hourly salary for warehouse positions is between $15/hr to $25/hr.

Company Standing:

The employee reviews for American Warehouse Furniture are a mixed bag. Some employees are satisfied though majority claim to be dissatisfied with their jobs and 50% approve of the C.E.O Jacob Jabs.