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How do you like to work with Apple? Working with one of the top corporation is everything to be proud of. Apple is considered one of the best employer among the Fortune 500 corporation in the entire US, committed to obey the provisions of Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. The corporation has developed progressive policies towards career advancement opportunities to all its employees, including minorities, women, and person with disabilities. The corporation will always consider all qualified applicants for employment without any biases because of sex, color, race, civil or marital status, including persons with criminal histories in compliance with the existing and applicable laws.

Steve Jobs and company founded Apple Inc. in April 1975 with the objectives of developing and selling personal computers. As it grows to become a multi-national corporation, it designs, manufactures and sells consumer electronic products, software and applications, and personal computers. Its best known products includes, the following; iPhone, iPad tablets, iPod media players, Apple computers and the recently released Apple smart watch. Also, its well-known online services products include iTunes, iCloud and App Store. This multi-national corporation is listed on the Fortune 500 and one of the most actively traded shares of stock in New York Stock Exchange and other stock exchanges around the globe.

The corporation has available job vacancies in various locations around the US to work on its various retail stores. It needs an Inventory Specialist, who will assist Apple store clients. His/her jobs is to see to it that clients will be appraised of the latest Apple products and let the clients feel comfortable, to be familiar with the product and to be satisfied by owning the most sought Apple brand. It is his or her duty to demonstrate any products to any or all clients to keep them on pace with the changing technologies and how those technologies might be of great use. It could be simply said that his duties and responsibilities is ‘connecting people to the product they love’.

The following are the basic qualification of inventory specialist:

  • Can think fast in doing problem-solving tasks at changing conditions
  • Demonstrate leadership abilities through guiding by example.
  • Demonstrate strong organizational talents and could quickly respond to every situation.

In addition, the job applicant must possess the following:

  • Can manage and handle on time weekly multiple inventory deadlines.
  • Willing to follow guidelines strictly in allowing secure access to products and movement within the stockroom
  • To be flexible with work schedule and work hours will be based on business demands from time to time.

In brief, here is the function of an Inventory Specialist, as follows:

It is the duty of an inventory specialist to ensure that products should be available in the store at all times, for any prospective clients and to make sure the availability of the spare parts, accessories and any other related supplies. Keep the store and stockroom always neat and orderly. To keep the stockroom well organized and to properly sort and secured incoming inventories for safety and easy retrieval. Shall prepare and submit inventory reports to the higher management on the status and quantity of all inventories.


To apply, applicants must visit the Apple website and submit their application online.

As to the salaries and benefits, Apple Inc. is a labor laws and minimum basic salary laws compliant entity, thereby giving their employees competitive and decent pay with perks on good performance. There are other non-financial benefits available to all its employees in the US and around the globe that is compliant with the existing laws of the host country.

Be a part of the globally respected corporation. Apply and work with Apple today.