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One of the leaders in online seller of auto parts and other accessories for any types of cars, trucks and vans and even for SUV’s. Take note, it is just one of the subsidiary websites of U.S. Auto Parts Network (owner of various auto parts chain stores in the U.S.). The automotive e-commerce aftermarket industry offers their services to customers and to direct buyers and even do e-commerce transactions with suppliers and manufacturers.

Take note, Auto Parts Warehouse has more than 2 million stock keeping units included in their catalog that’s offered to their clients. This means that their e-commerce business has more to offer and the fact here is that they are expanding to provide the best services and the best deals to their customers. The good thing about the services of Auto Parts Warehouse is they can provide affordable auto parts and services.

Well, customers online is also able to buy the auto parts they need for their vehicles and almost every available brand of auto parts are there for you to purchase online. Remember, their main goal in their business is customer satisfaction


Auto Parts Warehouse was established online in the year 1995 and its headquarter is located in Carson, California. The U.S. Auto Parts Network started this retailing company online to serve millions of customers who want’s to purchase auto parts for their convenience. Although it started as a small scale auto parts retailing, but it eventually made it in the business. Since the Auto Parts Warehouse has started the online auto parts retailing business, more than 2 million online buyers visit the site annually and more and more of them are checking out the website to purchase the parts and accessories they needed for their vehicles.

Warehouse Jobs

Online Auto Parts Counter Person

You are responsible in providing online services as an auto parts counter person for online clients. It is your task to provide the price, the kind of auto parts and accessories being ordered online and other queries the customers would demand for.


Warehouse Auto Parts Supervisor

As a warehouse supervisor, it is your responsibility to check the delivery schedule and the supplies that are stored and released in the main warehouse of the auto parts company. Must be skilled in auto parts supervision and has the ability and skills when it comes to different brands of auto parts and accessories.

Auto Parts Delivery Driver

Your responsibility as an auto parts delivery driver is to provide fast delivery service of parts to clients according to the location you are destined to. You should have the skills as an excellent driver and you are required to have a license in truck driving. Relevant years of experience in the delivery of supplies are a plus.

Automotive Parts Sales Assistant

Your job is to promote orders by providing online email assistance, inbound and outbound calling and other promotional activities which need to be done. Client database and sales management assistance is also a part of your job. Should be well versed in online assistance tasks and online marketing for the company.

Why Work at Auto Parts Warehouse?

Auto Parts Warehouse offers employees the full package benefits stated in their company policy. They abide by the rules in giving the best benefits for their clients. They also provide company benefits which are advantageous to employees. They make sure that they take care of their workers and it is also where you can start your career with the company. You are most definitely welcome in having your career at Auto Parts Warehouse and this ensures you guaranteed income for years to come.