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The Cardinal Health’s main objective is to provide indispensable care.

Cardinal Health Company’s history could be traced from its humble beginnings as a food seller and manufacturer until it had grown into a drug distribution company, which later evolved as today,’s world’s leading healthcare services company.

From its humble beginnings into its successful transformation

Its continuous pursuit of improving the efficiency of healthcare services had helped them earn the distinction as America’s leading and most prestigious health care company. They are committed in providing pharmacies, hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers and physician offices with innovative and low-cost but in high quality health care services.

With its vivid existence of more than 100 years in the industry, Cardinal Health had helped the medical field to lessen the cost of medication without lessening the quality of its services.

From its original establishment as Cardinal Foods, founded by Robert D. Walter, Cardinal Health is now the biggest health company that operates the largest network of radiopharmacies.

A Continuous Legacy

A Cardinal Health Company continues its legacy of bringing effective yet affordable health care services towards today’s home and to the generations to come. It is an unending job for them to continue their quest of bringing utmost services through gathering of more knowledge, exploring immense resources and developing career professionalism.

Evolution is still felt at Cardinal Health Company. They believe that this constant transformation is necessary for a company to easily adapt to fast changing industry and empowers them to administer the highest quality health service possible within and beyond the scope of genuine care.

Diversified People; One Goal

It is embedded in the culture of Cardinal Health Company to create a healthcare that is efficient, reputable but requires a low amount. This is more than a vision, but rather a commitment that is engraved in the hearts and minds of every Cardinal Health employee.

Diversity is highly celebrated and exercised in the Cardinal Health Company. The company values every thought, ideas, personal strengths and interest of its workforce.

A Cardinal Health Company has 37,000 workers that are unique and diversified from each other, but are driven with one spirit of commitment that drives them to achieve the goals of the company. These talented and efficient people had broken the boundaries of divergence and had able to make a difference in their respective fields and personal fervors.


Warehouse Operations Jobs offers career opportunities

Cardinal Health Company’s commitment to “Essential to Care” is greatly noticed anytime and anywhere. It is felt even at its warehouse operations. A Cardinal Health Company offers not only health services but as well as career opportunities on its warehouse operations.

The company relies on the effectiveness of its health care supply in the generation and proper production of its over 60,000 warehouse facilities.

Warehouse operation employees are equipped with necessary trainings and shaped with proper work ethics to ensure that orders are properly delivered on time and in good quality.

Widen your horizon at Cardinal warehouse operation

The management offers more career opportunities on its warehouse operations. With its warehouse logistics team, you are stimulated to master your skills and widen your knowledge for you to achieve maximum workmanship and healthy being.

It offers a challenging and fulfilling opportunities that develops its workforce to deliver the best essential care.

Essential care is not only given to patients that are in need, but also for employees who are dedicated helping its company. Securing the essential care for the employees is securing its commitment.

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