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Carphone Warehouse is one of the top mobile phone retailers in Britain and in all parts of Europe. Their main headquarters is at North Action, London, United Kingdom. Since their main industry is in telecommunication, they provide home and mobile telephone equipment services to their valued and incoming customers in the UK and across Europe. Became a subsidiary of Dixons Carphone in August 7, 2014 which in turn formed the merger company Carphone Warehouse Group together with the company Dixons Retail. They offer different brands and models of telephones and mobile phones that out in the market today. They also do mobile phone repairs and provides a 1 hour telephone or mobile phone delivery service. The telecommunications company is well committed to giving their best offers and services according to the demands of their clients.


Founded in the year 1989 by Sir Charles Dunstone and Julian Brownlie. During that time, mobile phones were still bulky and heavy to carry (including the charger). Well, they used a total amount of £6,000 in their savings to start providing their product services to their clients and their office was just smaller in the rented flat of Dunstone located on the Marylbone Road in London and since then their business endeavors have grown and after four years in their business, they have already opened 20 stores. To drive more sales and to be in line with the competition in the coming years, they eventually hired David Ross and Guy Johnson. Their wits and skills in enhancing the company’s productivity indeed proves to be effective and that’s why they became the “third partner” of the company. In the year 2000, half of the company was owned by Dunstone and the third of the portion was owned by David Ross and the rest (most of it) was owned by Johnson. Later on, Johnson sold his share to retire and eventually, David Ross gave up his share and position and this is when Dunstone took control of the company. Other events happened in the coming years, including the AOL UK acquisition, Best Buy purchasing 50% of Carphone Warehouse share since the launch of Best Buy Europe and also the demergers and mergers with Dixon retail.

Warehouse Jobs


Branch Manager

Your are responsible for managing and supervising all areas of the branch. It is your job to direct every supervisory projects, asses the local community aspects to drive more sales opportunities. You should also meet and develop business forecasts and implement proven business plans. It is also your job to meet the company’s goals and implement metrics for an enhanced company business.

Customer Consultant

It is your responsibility to provide proper consultancy advice to customers when it comes to the products being offered to customers. Keen on customer service and knowledgeable in mobile phone technology. Can handle customer queries and answer back with the right attitude.

Product Marketing Manager

You have the responsibility in providing outbound marketing activities to enhance the product sales of the company. Be knowledgeable, product marketing strategies with the right attitude and the drive.

Supply Chain Executive

You have the responsibility to provide excellent work output in planning the delivery timetables, meeting the supply and demand of the supply of stocks and overseeing the arrival of all the shipments for the company.

Why Work at Carphone Warehouse?

Carphone Warehouse provides the best opportunity for people who are skilled in mobile phone technology. They provide a full benefits package to every employee. The company is always there to offer you the best when it comes to your needs and rest assured that you are able to work with the best team.