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Coke Warehouse Jobs

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The Coca Cola is the favorite beverage across the globe for those who want to chill themselves from the heat and stress of this life.  The Coca Cola Company is a multinational beverage manufacturer in America with headquarters at Atlanta, Georgia. John Pemberton invented the traditional recipe for new form of cocawine in the year 1885 and named it as Pemberton’s French Wine Coca. The Fulton County implemented restrictions and prohibition law against cocawine the company altered the originally used formulae to form non-alcoholic beverage, by adding carbonated water and it became an exotic tasteful drink highly preferred by people.

The formulae of preparing Coca Cola drink and the brand was later bought and incorporated by Asa Griggs Candler from the year 1889. Every day more than 2 billion people’s thirst is now quenched by Coke and they are available in over 200 countries. The Company has its distribution centers widespread across USA and performs with excellence because of the dedicated experienced and best professionals. Career opportunities at the Refreshing Coca Cola Company are endless.

Few locations of the Coke Warehouses

  • coca cola warehousePhoenix Arizona
  • Alsip, Illinois
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Corpus Christi, Texas
  • Providence, Rhode Island
  • Tallahassee, Florida
  • Troesdale, Missouri
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Anaheim, California
  • New Orleans, Los Angeles

Coke Warehouse jobs

Coca Cola Company has endless career opportunities with wonderful work environment and marvelous earning capacity.

a)      Warehouse Supervisor

The candidate is responsible for supervising the incoming and outgoing of the warehouse materials. They must have been qualified with a GED or High School diploma and Bachelor’s degree is preferred. One to Three years experience in the inventory and warehouse jobs is added qualification to the employee. He or she should possess skill to manage budgets and people. A Computer and database knowledge along with the forklift certification is a must. The job Requirements for the Supervisor jobs are as follows-

  • Supervisor should evaluate, train, and develop the team members
  • Check the availability and allocate enough spaces for stock rotation
  • Provide efficient schedules to the warehouse team members to full fill the daily demands
  • Manage and maintain OPEX and labor budget
  • Safeguard the assets of the Company

b)      Forklift Operator

Forklift operator is responsible for mobilizing the materials or products in the distribution centers with the help of industrial vehicles and powerful equipment’s. He must have completed high school diploma with 3 years of experience in forklift and stocking. The candidate needs to possess skills to operate powered or manual lift product or pallet jacket. Forklift certification is a must requirement. The job requirement for the fork lifter jobs are as follows-

  • Transport and operating full goods, finished goods and raw materials to the designated area
  • Skills to operate industrial vehicles and tools
  • Check the perfection of the company’ procedures and policies according to the prescribed rules and regulations
  • Pay attention to details and complete the job with excellence
  • Ability to move the materials in the warehouse even manually if it is required

c)      Warehouse Manager

The candidate applying for the Warehouse Manager Job should be able to manage and lead multiple frontline warehouse associates and the warehouse management teams skillfully. He or she must be qualified with a diploma or Bachelor’s degree preferably. And experience with 3 years in the inventory or warehouse management skills and leading the supervisor and management level associates is required. Possess Windows based application knowledge that includes PowerPoint, Excel, Access, SAP Systems and Word extensively. Job requirements for the Coke Warehouse Manager are following-

  • Manage everyday activities of the distribution centers
  • Evaluate, develop, train and staff the team members, and meet the demands of the business within the deadlines
  • Schedule, review, monitor and communicate performance indicators
  • Check and maintain the Coke Company’s assets
  • Perfect stock rotation, inventory levels and minimize the control the products loss
  • Responsible for managing continuous improvement Champion OE culture within the distribution centers
  • The operations and management of distribution centers multiple operations
  • Personally decide the distribution center department


Employees working in Coca Cola are offered some of the best earnings packages such as

  • coca cola companyMedical (including vision)
  • Dental, Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • All-around insurance coverage
  • 401(k)
  • Vacation pay
  • Survivor’s Benefits Program
  • Employee assistance program
  • Training & development and many other benefits.

Apply for a job in Coca Cola:

To apply for a job in Coca Cola, visit and complete an online job application. Sign-in with your login credentials and select the type of Job position you’re interested to work. Next step is to select the preferred location where you want to work. Finally click on “Apply Now”. First time users have to create a username and password before applying.


Associates working in Coca Cola get paid in the range of $40k – $80 each month. Meanwhile Warehouse Supervisor gets about $37k – $70k per month.

Company Standing:

Employee reviews suggest that Coca Cola Company is a fun-filled and friendly workplace. 69% of employees are willing to recommend the company to their friends and 83% approve of the CEO, Muhtar Kent.

Pros of working in the company are

  • Friendly staff
  • Good management
  • Good employee benefits and global opportunities

And the cons include

  • Limited work life balance
  • Long working hours
  • Job advancement can be challenging