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Warehouse Worker
The Dollar General is recently hiring a new Warehouse Workers for the Fulton, MO warehouse. Dollar General is providing benefits such as paid time off, medical plans and an employee discount. The Warehouse Worker will therefore be tasked with- unloading and loading trucks, refilling the warehouse stock and propelling materials throughout the facilities.
Warehouse Workers will require a High School Diploma or GED and be able to move up to 85 pounds and some prior related experience.

801 Warehouse Supervisors
Supervises movement of stock, filling of orders and the receipts and also conducts shipment of merchandise. Also oversee employees who operate rolling stock equipment and automated equipment.
Duties and Responsibilities:
• Reassesses WMS reports; notifies WMS personnel on shutdowns or other WMS failures.
• Employs Standard Operating Procedures to settle and correct problems; conveys issues to Inbound/Outbound Manager.
• Critique’s report to decide daily department staffing levels; reviews staffing plan with Inbound/Outbound Manager.
• Conduct review on staffs with outbound and inbound Manager regarding weekly and monthly reviews.
• Collaborates with Training Department to supervise new employee development tracking.
• Designs daily production goals.
• Applies Productivity Improvement Plan process to distinguish improvement fields.
• Reassesses quality measurements and report status to Inbound/Outbound Manager.
• Ensures positive employee relations and also employee records on a daily basis.
• Endorses safety programs to cut or eradicate employee injuries.
• Conducts employee merit increment evaluations, annual employee reviews and counseling.
• Consults and chooses candidates for employment in partnership with Human Resources department.

3010 General Warehouse
Handles merchandise carefully inside and outside of the warehouse. General warehouse duties occur within an assigned area of warehouse operations, but position chains all areas of the warehouse as needed.
Duties and Responsibilities:
• Motivating ingoing or outgoing merchandise all over the apportioned chains by use of hand, forklift or trucks equipment.
• Controls, and audits goods to make sure that ordered goods has been received and they are in order making sure they are not damaged or defective; also, enters data into the remote data terminal.
• Identifies, labels, separates merchandise to the flats.
• Refills opted areas as marked by replacement reports and call for merchandise.
• Fills orders from the store by choosing and moving goods from pick slot into the conveyor.
• Loads outgoing merchandise from the conveyor or/and four-wheel truck into the trailer.
• Reports damages or/and vendor complaints issues to the supervisor.
• Acts together with supervisors to settle discrepancies or problems.
• Meets productivity, safety and quality standards.
• Performs other duties and responsibilities which are assigned to him/her.

Inbound/Outbound Managergravity-roller
Supervises receiving and shipping functions. He/she creates a strong team work and helps in resolving employee relations and issues.
Job Duties and Functions:
• Assesses the future trends which indicates possible gaps inward or outward functions and gives recommendations based on the findings.
• Participates in distribution center team; takes action plans for guiding internal analyses and the realized gap identification.
• Performs in daily status meetings together with the management team to examine prior day’s operation develops action plan for the day.
• Leads in communication and development and gives strategies in Productivity Improvement Plans for each indicator in performance or areas identified for improvement.
• Takes a look to identify areas which requires change; manages analyses to formulate action plans to handle operational and the employee gaps.
• Leads inward or outward team in reaching their goals, measuring implementation and development
• Reexamines the strategic goals of the inbound or outbound area and set performance goals.
• Monitors department budget on a monthly foundation; assists in budgeting for inbound or outbound functions.
• Leads weekly staffing reviews with Operations Manager and Human Resources to determine suitable staffing levels for inbound or outbound departments.
• Communicates with company carrier on storing loads and backhauls.