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Family Dollar Warehouse Jobs


Growing in a family’s retail store, the founder of Family Dollar conceptualized the business with his sincere dedication to make every customer happy. Leon Levine started the journey of his vision in making Family Dollar a reality when he was still 21 years of age. His serious interest in merchandising has earned him the motivation to realize his business plans. Even up to now, Family Dollar continued serving the customers in the neighborhood of each distribution centers they were able to establish.

About the Family Dollar

The vision of the company is to provide a small-format of retail store that grants quality service and at the same time comfort and convenience for every customer. Since the concept targets the needs of the whole family, the company became the fastest growing retailer.

Assorted products are displayed in the distribution centers, which gives more access to buyers in getting what they need in their day-to-day activities. Aside from a wide array of options on the items that buyers can choose, the retail store also offers their products at very low prices, which competes with the online stores.

The Strong Team Behind Family Dollar

With the wide options of the services that Family Dollar offers, they make sure to back up their operations with the dedicated workers to take charge of everything. They distributed their hard working workers to different stores in different branches, distribution centers and some are operating in the Store Support Center.

With the best benefits they offer to their workers, they are also earning from their investment. All workers are passionate in rendering their services to the company. The management makes sure to build a strong business relationship with their workers to earn trust, confidence, and loyalty.

Part of giving back, of the Family Dollar to the community, the company initiated the FamilyHope Community Foundation, which provides the organization with the basic needs targeting the local families.

Hop Into The Family Dollar

The company would like to welcome you to their team and you would never want to miss this opportunity.

If you are interested to work in their production team, fleet, or you prefer clerical or maintenance job positions, they got some spots for you. Of course, this would depend on your qualifications and at the same time your location.

For students and young professionals who would like to be productive during their extra time, if you are looking for hourly career, then you may apply to the distribution centers in Indiana and Utah.

You can find more hourly careers in these locations:  Arkansas, Florida, Iowa, Kentucky, North Carolina, New York, Oklahoma, Texas and Virginia.

There are also management careers that might fit your qualifications.

If you think you are capable of doing a job that would require you to perform a 60 pound lifting every day and demands fast working environment, you might want to consider the open positions below:

  • Shipping Loader
  • Bulk Order Filler
  • Forklift Operator
  • Repack Order Filler
  • Repack Stocker
  • General Warehouse
  • Maintenance Tech III
  • Security Guard
  • Yard Switcher

The good thing about working with Family Dollar is that you will be well-compensated, which is very important. You can gain the following benefits:

  • Retirement and Financial Security Benefits
  • Health and Welfare Benefits
  • Wellness Benefits
  • WorkLife Benefits (Employee Assistance Program)

They do not abandon their workers after retirement. They make sure to continue paying them so these retired workers can make the most of life. They provide a complete package of health benefits and wellness program. They make sure to give full assistance to workers by giving them not just trainings, but also life coaching, in order to help the workforce attain the balance in life.

Who would never want to work in this kind of company? Apply now!