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Finding Warehouse Jobs with Aerotek

Aerotek is a staffing solution company dedicated to helping you find a job that fits your needs. And if you’re looking for warehouse jobs, look no further—Aerotek posts hundreds of these jobs in numerous locations areotek

around the U.S.

About Aerotek

Aerotek has been in the staffing business for over 30 years. Initially focused on the aerospace and defense industry, Aerotek has since rapidly grown and expanded its reach into technical, professional, and industrial staffing. You might find jobs in architecture, energy, customer service, construction, accounting, warehouse, and many other fields. Their user-friendly job search engine can connect you with a number of jobs that might meet your needs.

Aerotek’s primary goals are to find staffing solutions for their customers and for individuals looking for their next career move. Along with that mission, Aerotek also strives to better their community by reducing their impact on the environment, serve historically under-served populations, and support STEM education.

Aerotek is also known for supporting diversity and inclusion in the workplace, believing that philosophy “increases our effectiveness, leverages our strategic advantages, and maximizing our ability to service our customers.” Supporting diversity and inclusion means that Aerotek strives to ensure every employee is respected and their perspective is valued. They have partnered with diverse community organizations, have built internal teams of people with unique backgrounds and experiences, and have made having an inclusive workplace a core value of the company.

Working with Aerotek

Aerotek hires workers for many different companies and locations across the U.S. (and all over the world!) You have the options of contract work, contract-to-hire, or permanent, depending on your needs. Aerotek also assists you with your application, if necessary, your interview, and placement.

Other resources available with Aerotek are a career advice blog, videos on job hunting and interviewing, and assisting military personnel in transitioning back into the workforce. All service from Aerotek is free to you—from the applications to the training to the placement. Aerotek’s income is from the companies that they place staff for.

After 60 days of employment, individuals working at least 20 hours per week are eligible for comprehensive benefits, such as health, dental, vision, and paid time off. Aerotek workers also receive discounts at many different retailers.

People who have reviewed Aerotek on have said, “The recruiters are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and dedicated in placing qualified applicants to jobs they are qualified for and interested in,” “You get lots of helpful feedback,” and “They make sure that the job is right for you.” Some concerns of past and current contract workers are that some contracts are too short, and that there was occasionally a lag in between contracts.

Tips for Applying Through Aerotek

Go to to start searching for open positions. You can search through keywords, location, or industry. If you find a few jobs you might be interested in, make an account with Aerotek and you’ll be able to start applying by uploading your résumé. You will be notified automatically by email if there are other jobs available that match your search criteria on the Job Alert screen.

  • Each job posting has contact information in case you have more questions about the position.
  • Different job postings have different lengths of contracts. You might need to be flexible in order to stay working continuously.
  • If you’d like to speak to a recruiter near you, you can call 1-888-AEROTEK to find a local office.
  • Aerotek staffs individuals 18 years of age and up.
  • You can also access Aerotek’s app for iOS and search for jobs on the go!