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Frito-Lay is one of the market leaders in the snack food industry. Being a key business unit of PepsiCo, Frito-Lay are the makers of some of America’s favorite snack foods including, FRITOS®, LAY’S®, CHEETOS®, AND TOSTITOS®. The headquarters of Frito-Lay is situated at Plano, Texas, U.S. Tom Greco is the president of the business unit.


In the beginning Frito-Lay was operating as two independent companies, The Frito Company founded by Charles Elmer Doolin in 1932 and the H.W Lay Company started by Herman Lay around the same year. In September 1961 both the companies merged to form The Frito-Lay, Inc. On June 8, 1965 the Frito-Lay Company joined with Pepsi-Cola to become PepsiCo, Inc.

One of the main reasons for the union was the possibility of Frito-Lay products to be sold in primary markets through Pepsi-Cola’s extended networks in 108 countries. In 1980 Frito-Lay bought Grandma’s Cookies and in 2001 the Quaker Oats Company merged with the PepsiCo, Inc.

Jobs at Frito-Lay warehouse:

Road Driver – Full time:

As the designation suggests, this is a full time job and the person is accountable for the safe operation of vehicle during transportation of merchandises to and from the destined locations. The work hour varies according to the allotted routes, also the fulltime over the road driver may have to go for overnight trips and work during holidays/week ends. The OTR drivers have to inspect the truck before and after a trip, maintain the driver’s daily logs, loading and unloading the truck. It is their responsibility to deliver the product at the correct place, get the receipt signed, pickup returns, fill up logs and deal with other paper works related to the delivery.

Part time warehouse/material handler:

The working hours of this position are 20 to 25 hours per week; there will be week end and holiday works. The work is done in a loud warehouse environment with the least heating or air conditioning. The following are the job responsibilities

  • Pick the proper cases as per the order and place it on the vehicle
  • Carry the empty pallet boards to the storage area, load and unload the pallets and boxes to and from the trucks
  • Operate the forklift safely
  • Receive and distribute the merchandise, assist in weekly inventory of the products

Apart from these general housekeeping and particular sanitation tasks may also be required.

Full-time lead in warehouse:

The candidate applying for this post must be able to work in a high performance work environment and should be available to travel a lot. He/she should be capable of performing multiple tasks and so on. The job responsibilities are as listed below

  • Direct the sub-ordinates to achieve the stated targets in the vital business fields
  • Manage the product ordering process
  • Assist in the labor management
  • Coordinate all aspects of facility management

Benefits:Frito-Lay Company

The employee benefit package includes health care benefits, retirement and savings benefits like pension, 401(k) and many more.

Online job application:

To apply for a job in Frito-Lay, visit and select the desired job. After selecting the right job that suits you, click on “Apply Now” present at the end of each job descriptions. You can apply using your Facebook and LinkedIn logins, or else you can create your own username and password in Frito-Lay website and apply through it.


The average salary for Frito-Lay warehouse jobs is $ 42,000. This varies according to the position, location of the post and experience of the worker.

The warehouse material handler is paid around $ 34,277 ($17/hour)

An average warehouse worker earns $15/hour.

Company standing:

47% of the employees recommend this company to a friend and 59% approve of the C.E.O, Tom Greco. This company gets better reviews from most of the employees. Majority of the staffs feel that the company is a good place to work in-spite of the hard work. Although some workers who hesitate to work during holidays complain that they can’t balance home life and work. A few others are disappointed about the long working hours.