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The Fulton Companies

Fulton Companies is a multinational company, the main headquarters of which is located in Pulaski, New York in the United States of America. The company was made in order to research; engineer, manufacture, and sell heat transfer equipment to be applied to a vast commercial and industrial use.

Humble Beginnings

Lewis Palm, the founder of Fulton, pioneered the engineering of steam equipment used by laundry and dry cleaning markets. It all started in his garage located in Fulton, New York. It is where he invented the first Vertical Tubeless Boiler in 1949. Upon the consummation of his first sale, he then took the boiler to Michigan.

In a span of only a few years, the same boiler gained popularity in the laundry and dry cleaning industry in the United States. This led to the company, which the world knows to be Fulton. The impressively skilled staff that helped manufacture the boilers was able to produce numerous of the said products, despite being in an era where technology was still underdeveloped.

In the 1970s, Lewis’ son, Ronald Palm, entered Fulton with the goal of expanding the company’s product line. Consequently, he developed a certain version of thermal fluid heater, which led the company to further grow. Eventually, in 1974, he modified and improved the heater was able to build Fulton Thermal Corporation, Inc.

In the 1980s, Ronald’s son, Bram Palm, then became a member of the Fulton team. He strengthened and furthered the company’s growth by focusing on research and development, energy efficiency, worldwide impact, and environmental accountability.

Fulton Industries

In 1978, Fulton Industries, Inc. was founded in Indiana, and was later on bought by one John Razzano in 1986. In 1991, the company built one of its largest facilities, which it later on expanded from 58,000 sq. ft. to 74,000 sq. ft. From the 1980s until the 1990s, the Fulton Industries experienced overall growth as a company. In 2002, the company took one of its most major business decisions by forming what is known today as PGI Mfg., LLC in order to obtain assets and more manufacturing venues. This expansion gave Fulton Industries a wider customer base and better machining abilities.

CaptureEmployment at Fulton

Joining the Fulton team enables you to become part of a large international company with nothing but professionals aimed at innovation and success. To date, the following are job openings at Fulton:


  1. R&D CAD Mechanical Engineer
  2. Customer Service Lead
  3. Engineer Support Coordinator
  4. Field Service Technician
  5. Field Service Technicial at Pulaski & Houston
  6. Mechanical Designer
  7. Product Engineer
  8. Purchasing MRO Buyer
  9. Regional Sales Manager
  10. Service Coordinator
  11. General Laborers (able to work hands-on in a warehouse environment)


As a company that continues to grow, Fulton Industries seek to employ highly skilled and talented employees who embody integrity, respect, teamwork, excellence and passion. Likewise, as an employer, Fulton Industries values equality in the workplace that disregards any form of discrimination when it comes to gender, race, religion, origin, color, age, disability, or veteran status. In the application of its company policies, it abhors the idea of preferential application and aims to have the policies applied to every member of the Fulton team. Employees may expect nothing but respect for them and their craft at Fulton.

Employment Benefits at Fulton

At Fulton, employees may expect reasonable salaries that compensate well the work that they contribute to the company. They are also given medical, dental and life insurance, as well as paid vacations and holidays. Apart from these, their employers at Fulton are willing to give various incentive plans.

How to Become Part of Team Fulton Industries

If you believe that you are able to work in a team, are capable of handling complicated forms of work, and are able to share your knowledge and expertise, contact the Fulton Industries Plant or send your applications together with your resume at