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Hanes Brands is one of the pioneer manufacturer and retailer of underwear as well as Activewear that’s being sold in the U.S. and in all parts of the world. Besides the name HanesBrands as the main brand of the clothing company, they also have other brands which they promote and sell these brands include: Hanes, Playtex, Just My Size (JMS), Bali, Champion, Maidenform, Bali and Flexees just to name a few.

Take note, the company also offers sportswear apparel and the fact is, the company is one of the most successful international clothing companies. Meaning, their products are being sold in Asia, Mexico, Canada, Middle East and even over at European countries. Remember, the company’s success lies in their innovation and marketing strategies and of course the quality of their products. That’s why the company made it in the clothing business for more than a century now and still in line with the competition.


According to history, John Wesley Hanes, founded the company in the year 1901 in Winston, North Carolina. The company started by John Wesley Hanes is named Shamrock Knitting Mills but in 1903, he eventually died. However, it was not the end for the company since another plant still using the original name was established in the 3rd and Marshall Streets but again the place was sold for a Cadillac warehouse dealership. A larger plant was being built at West 14th street to provide expansion and it was known then as Shamrock Mills. On the other hand, in 1914, Shamrock Knitting Mills changed its name to Hanes Hosiery Mills Company. Take note, in 1901, P.H. Hanes Knitting Company was also established by John Wesley Hanes’ brother and in 1965, the later merged with Hanes Hosiery and from then on, the company evolved and expanded further and its success continue until today.

Warehouse Jobs


Assistant Marketing Manager

Your job responsibility if to assist the senior marketing manager. You’ll be able to assist in the day to day marketing programs and in business management endeavors. It is also your job to aid in strategic management to provide a fast and productive service for the company. At least 3 to 5 years experience is a must and proficient in Powerpoint and excel program applications. Must have an in depth skills and knowledge in clothing and underwear business processes and marketing procedures.

Assistant Store Manager

Your responsibility is to have an excellent supervision in store activities and also in store personnel management. Maintain store policy implementations and in store operations. Take note on budget control, product inventory and also in recruiting store staff for additional workforce. Must be hard working and has the knowledge and experience as an assistant store manager.

Facility Supervisor

Your duty is to manage and supervise work procedures in the warehouse. It is your job to accept and receive product supplies to be stored in the warehouse. Must have excellent knowledge in product inventory. Also, in supervising warehouse tasks to warehouse personnel. Must be hard working and also have relevant experience as a facility supervisor.

Sales Merchandiser

It is your simple task to do sales marketing to any of the merchandise of the company over at the retail store where you are posted to. Must be energetic and has the marketing skills in promoting and selling the merchandise of the company.

Why Work at Hanes?

Hanes provides work opportunities to skilled employees who are willing to grow and gain confidence in the company. Besides the feasible income provided by the company, employees can also enjoy full benefit package such as health care, commissions and other benefits which are provided by the law. Company benefits are also offered to further entice and enhance the work output of every employee. So if you want to be a part of the company then take this as an opportunity and apply now.