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Hayward Industries warehouse jobs

If you’re looking for warehouse jobs, or other positions such as assembler, sales, or customer service, look no further than Hayward Industries. Hayward manufactures and sells quality and innovative pool equipment for homeowners and commercial organizations, and they’re Haward logoon the lookout for new team members.

About Hayward

Hayward Industries was founded over 80 years ago in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Due to their dedication to customer service and quality products, they’ve grown to be one of the largest and most well known manufacturer and marketer of swimming pool equipment in the world. Hayward does business in the U.S. and in over 60 other countries as well.

Hayward’s product line includes heat pumps, automatic pool cleaners, lighting, filters, pumps, salt chlorine generators, and more. They are constantly improving their products using the newest technology and innovation. Hayward’s goal is to ensure customers have the best products available that don’t require a lot of maintenance and fuss.

Hayward is also dedicated to supporting their community. Their global sales team partnered with WeGo Together for Kids and built bicycles for kids in need. Hayward also pledged up to one million dollars to replace safety vacuum systems for public pools in North America during their Hayward’s Safe Swimming Initiative.

Working with Hayward

Hayward is currently searching for talent to join their team. There are a number of warehouse positions available, including warehouse managers, but there are other areas that need workers, such as machine operators, customer service representatives, assemblers, engineers, and more.

Current and former employees of Hayward reviewed the company on Some of the positive comments referred to its positive atmosphere, fair pay and benefits, and progressive and innovative use of technology. Some negative comments discussed the fact that the number of long-term employees made it difficult for fairly new employees to advance in the company, and that communication between departments could be improved.

Tips for Applying at Hayward Industries

Go to and find the Careers link at the bottom of the page. Here you’ll be able to view all current job openings. You can search by keywords, categories (legal, human resources, warehouse, etc.), position type (full time, part-time, etc.), and location. Once you hit search, you’ll find a list of open positions and the dates they were posted.

Click on a job to read its description. If you’re interested, you can click “Apply for this job online,” and begin creating your profile. You can begin your profile using a social networking site (Facebook, Google+, or LinkedIn), or you can create a profile from scratch.

Here are some more tips for applying at Hayward Industries:

  • If you use a social networking site to build your profile, you can always edit what is automatically transferred.
  • You can also automatically transfer information if you upload your résumé from your computer, Google Drive, or Dropbox.
  • Once you’ve applied for a job, you can log back in at a later time and check your status from the Candidate Dashboard.
  • If you don’t see any positions you’re interested in, but you’re still interested in working for Hayward, you can submit your résumé for general consideration.
  • You can also set up job alerts so you’re notified when a new position is posted. 1. Use the filters to search for jobs. 2. Click “search.” 3. Scroll down to “Job Search Agent Options.” 4. Enter your name in the “Name of Agent” field and create agent. Then set up your notifications.
  • If your situation has changed, you can log in to your existing profile and edit the information.