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Knowing numerous car parts will be very interesting for car non-mechanics or to those who are not in the business of selling car spare parts. Anyone who is interested to know numerous car spare parts without getting their hands messy with used oil or lubricants, finding a job at Honda warehouse is the best thing to do. For a start, working as warehouse general laborer and climbing on the ladder of success would be the best to ever happen in an employee’s career. Start looking for Honda warehouse jobs now on the internet to start your professional career.

For 5 decades, Honda has been in the forefront of putting great ideas into test and makes it work in moving people on the ground, water and on the sky. In October of 1946, Honda Technical Institute was established by Soichiro Honda to design, develop and fabricate 2-cycle engines for motorized bikes. After 2 years of creativity and industry, Honda Motor Company was incorporated and selling motorcycles, all over Japan and later in other Asian countries. The first ever Honda store in the US was opened in Los Angeles, California in 1959 and employs six personnel. Today, Honda operates car and motorcycle assembly line in the US and contracting several cars and engine parts manufacturers in the United State of America and in some other countries.

Honda USA has several employment openings for its assembly line, such as warehouse general laborer, machine operator, and production personnel. For warehouse general laborer job, it is available at London, Ohio plant. For those who may be interested in the job, here is its main duties and responsibilities:

  • To load and unload the car and engine parts for trucks and trailers.
  • In stock and pull various car and engine parts.
  • To packed and ship parts.
  • Cleaning warehouse floors and empty dustbins
  • Maintaining the orderliness and cleanliness of the warehouse and its surroundings

Here are the requirements for the task:

  • Should be able to use computers
  • Past experience in automotive is a plus factor, but not necessary
  • Have a good customer relations aptitude and have good communication skills
  • Can learn quickly under the fast paced environment
  • Has a valid driver’s license
  • You must have a valid work permit to work in the U.S.
  • Have passed drug test
  • Is self-disciplined
  • Have the work attitude to go above and beyond the standard set by the company
  • Can lift up to 70 pounds of weight
  • Is capable of stooping, kneeling, crawling, and reaching in handling car parts and equipment
  • Can tolerate to work on dusty environment and in the presence of various chemical

If you believe that, you can handle the tasks efficiently, have the basic qualification, and then apply online by visiting the Honda website.

honda-1As a starting salary, successful applicants will enjoy a starting pay of 10.20 US dollars per hour with an incremental pay of .50 cents every 3 months thereafter. Likewise, there are other benefits to be enjoyed like medical and dental, sick and vacation leave with pay, 401(k), and many others. The Company also provides career advancement, trainings and academic attendance. The company also complies with the Equal Employment Opportunity.

The company will receive all applications and will hire personnel without any discrimination as to gender, marital status, race, religions or any other reasons. The company also hires personnel with disabilities and person with criminal records, if he or she can ably perform the required tasks.

Start a career with Honda; the jobs they offer pays decently, with an opportunity for personal advancement. This is a career opportunity that not all companies could offer.

Hurry, apply now and be a part of this global company, making you a globally competitive employee.