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Working in a warehouse mostly involves loading and unloading of merchandise or assembling products. The works demand physical strength and stamina. However, there are particular warehouse jobs that do not require manual work like a warehouse clerk and inventory checker. Bu of course, generally, all warehouse jobs would require a serious commitment of all workers.

Most jobs in the warehouse require speed to meet shipping deadlines as well fast-paced unloading, sorting and storing of merchandise and inventories. Each particular job has its own description and functions for efficiency and economy. IKEA warehousing has many job vacancies for several warehousing positions.

IKEA is a Swedish company founded by Ingvar Kamprad when he was just 17 years old, that originally selling pens, picture frames, wallets, watches, and many other items. It opened its first store in 1943 and later in 1948 it started selling furniture. In 1985, IKEA opened its first store in Philadelphia and today it has more than 10,000 workers with over 60 stores nationwide. In the US IKEA have warehouses and distribution centers on Perry, Maryland, Savannah, Georgia, Tejon, California, Tacoma, Washington State and in Westampton in New Jersey.

IKEA is urgently in need of a General Warehouse Co-Worker:

  • The job requires the lifting of goods with a weight of up to 70 pounds and requiring walking around the warehouse and standing for a longer period. The specific job includes the following duties and responsibilities, as follows; to check all incoming articles or merchandise against corresponding work and to secure the safety of all the items or merchandise within the warehouse facility including safe and proper movement and handling. The job also requires the assurance of 100 percent accuracy of the entire inventory and if there is any discrepancy, it should be properly recorded on the report.

The Company offers job applicants for General warehouse co-workers at $13 to $14 per hour pay. Employees working with the company will receive such other benefits such as 20 hours or more of medical and dental leave with pay, paternity leave, time off for child adoption and vacation leave. The Company also provides tuition fees assistance 401 (k) match, training and mentoring programs, and professional development. IKEA also gives purchase discounts to its employees and encourages them to try work with IKEA’s stores in any part of the country including on IKEA’s foreign stores. Employees have also the chance to travel abroad.

Any person who is interested to work with the Company for distribution center jobs will have to visit the Company’s official website and search for any available jobs.

  • Applicants have the option to find the place they preferred to work by searching the ‘work Area’ option on the job search page. A page will display about listing of available jobs with information about the location.
  • To see the job descriptions and the job application requirements, applicants will have to click the job title.
  • When applying, just click the apply button on the job selected. A new window will open and applicants will be required to log-in.


However, applicants will be redirected to the IKEA’s privacy policy and applicants shall click the agree button. Upon clicking the Agree button, applicants will be redirected again to the page where they could create a new account wherein they could use to apply for the job they wanted to with the Company.

Apply now with any of the jobs at IKEA’s distribution Center and be a part of this legendary and stable Company. Employees have the chance to grow professionally as well as to enjoy more benefits than working with any other company. Visit the Company’s official website and look for any available job that is best suited to your qualification and interest.