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Company History

It all started from a concept of managing a grocery store when Bruce Thompson realized his business plans. It was in Groves, Texas that he first invested and now, the Market Basket has expanded so much and serving different regions with a 34 full-service supermarkets.

The fresh produce of the company became their best products to display. They have various kinds of different items, which include the fresh meats, pastries and even beautiful arrangements. Some of their branches even expanded the business by catering the needs of most customers and so, they established pharmacies.

These assorted goods are the ones that attract customers to patronize their products. Because of the very wide array of products and many locations where Market Basket has built their business, they were able to offer various kinds of jobs.

With their great mission to offer the best quality of products and supermarket solutions, their operations are anchored in providing, nurturing, supporting, improving, and focusing on the growth of the business, targeting their customer’s evolving needs.

Careers Available At Market Basket

The management makes it sure that employees are given the right compensation as well as the well deserved benefits. They recognize the help of each member of all teams that everyone plays an important role in the progress of the business.

As part of taking good care of their workers, they also provide training programs. They make sure that everyone will be updated and upgraded for the benefit of the business operations. This is to ensure that the workers are growing and so the business would also attain progress.

It is a good thing to know that the company is always looking for the following positions:

  • Sackers
  • Cashiers
  • Stockers
  • Produce clerks
  • Meat cutters
  • Clerks

If there are other positions that you would like to apply, you can just fill in and submit the online application form. Usually, they will cater to those who are interested to work in the grocery stores in Texas and Louisiana.

Some personal information is needed to fill in the blanks on the online application form. You will be asked to choose, which region you would like to be employed. Even your preferred schedules are asked so they could give you the most convenient time in working for the company. This depends on the open position and your availability to work. They employ full time and part-time workers.


You might also be asked to write a small explanation to the question:

  • Why are you choosing to apply at Market Basket?

You will also need to list any relevant experience/skills you possess.

In order to access the online application form, you may visit:

As per management’s note, the online application forms that were submitted into their database would be their sources of qualified candidates. They will use the form in order to filter their options.

For those they think who are fitted to any open position, they will contact the applicants for further interview. The company has sworn that they will be an open company. This means that they would cater to everyone who is interested to become part of the team.

If disability is present in any of the applicant, as long as there are still other duties that the applicant can do, then he or she will be considered for that position.

If you are interested to become part of this management, then you may visit their website and seek for employment that best fits your qualifications and at the same time interest. Do not miss the chance of grabbing an opportunity to get a promising career.

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