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Menards is a retail chain of home improvement centers in the United States. It was founded in 1960 by John Menard, Jr. It is a family-owned company with a headquarters located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and has more than 200 stores across the U.S. Menards has always been committed in providing excellent guest service. All their stores have a complete and wide selection of high quality, name brand items, materials and supplies needed for home improvements. They offer quality products at low prices for their name brand merchandise and even grocery items. Minds is dedicated to serve their customers and a place to save big money on all their customers’ home improvement needs.


Menards history started from an idea where there was a need for economical agricultural buildings early in 1958. Farm industry was transformed into a more equip and convenient dairy systems that created a need for low-cost housing of stock and machinery. The founder of the company, John Menard Jr., decided to pursue his dream of building post-frame buildings. He did this to finance his education where he worked during the day for his pole buildings and at night he worked at a local movie theatre to pay for his crews and to purchase for more equipment. He graduated in 1962 at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and he purchased a land in Eau Claire to build his office and shop. In 1960 the company was founded and incorporated in 1962. Menard opened his first Menards Cashway Lumber where customers can purchase lumber and other products. In 1969, he began adding some manufacturing plants which include facilities for making trusses, boards, treated lumber, pre-hung door, nails and steel. The same year he also added his first distribution center. Menard opened his first hardware store in 1972 and his second distribution center opened in Piano, Illinois in 1998. He also created a website which he called Menards Online Collections which is handled by the website in 2005. The same year, the company opened their first two-story Menards mega-store in Minnesota, followed by another two-storey store in Illinois in 2006. They opened their third and fourth distribution centers in Ohio and Iowa in 2007. Larry, John Menards Jr.‘s brother, served as the Operations Manager for 40 years and retired in 2009. Charlie, Larry’s son served as the COO until he became the Manager of Eau Claire Distribution Center in 2007. The company is recognized as the leader for home center across the thirteen states.

Warehouse Jobs at Menards

The Menards Distribution Center offers a fast-paced environment that is located across their store map and more job openings they create as the company grows. Some of the jobs available at the Warehouse are as follows:

Warehouse Team Member
You will play a key role at the Distribution Center such activities include filling orders, loading and unloading, sorting and transporting products.

DC HR Coordinator
You will be reporting directly to the DC Site Manager. You will provide excellent support to the Menard Distribution Center and oversees all the HR activities

Warehouse Technician
You will be responsible in performing activities such as shipping and receiving, collecting rounds of paper, and other recycling. You will be responsible also in cleaning and repairing used furniture and equipment.

Production Team Member
You will work efficiently and help to ensure that guest expectations are met. You will perform activities including operating a forklift and machine and assembly of products.

Working at Menards
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The company offers excellent opportunities, a good working environment, with greater pay and benefits too! If you consider yourself a hard=working person, and with excellent customer service, then the company has opportunities for you.

Menards offers growth opportunities for all their Team Members in the following areas; in-store, corporate, manufacturing and distribution divisions. They also provide profit sharing bonus to their team as their way of saying thank you for the company’s success. They have medical, dental plans and life insurance based on their employee’s needs. They give weekend bonus pay for Team members and managers got to earn bonuses on a weekly and annual basis as well. They give their team members paid holidays every year and paid vacations for full time Team members. The company also provides trainings for all their Team members to increase their knowledge of products and give better service to the customers.