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Enriching people’s life is Nissan’s vision.

Nissan Motor Corporation is the leading motor firm in the world that provides not only the highest quality vehicles, but as well as services, that is dedicated to enriching the lives of its staff and stakeholders throughout the globe.

Founded in Japan in 1933, Nissan had grown to be one of the largest car manufactures that has prided itself with its excellent cars crafted through the most advanced technology to produce the best designed and safety cars.

Experience and exposure in the industry

For more than 80 years of productive toil and journey, Nissan Motor Corporation had mastered and maintained its commitment in creating a culturally rich environment. Nissan had founded 191 branches worldwide with 160,000 employees. Their dedication to strengthening a culturally rich environment is well reflected in their deep importance in diversity appreciation and intensification.

Diversity To Strengthen Workforce

Nissan mirrors the diversity as growth and development opportunities for every entity. Nissan further defined diversity as one’s great respect for individuals’ ideas, viewpoints and experiences. Nissan believes that this unique perspective of them will strengthen their company to help them endure the challenges that lies ahead of them.

The power comes from the inside

Nissan Motor Corporation brings out the best of its workforce; this attitude embodies its core implication of

“The power comes from the inside” is Nissan’s core implication that embodies the attitude of bringing out the best of its workforce. Professionalism is considerably a power to be reckoned in the field of business and services. The personal strength, creativity and dedication are only a few of the powers that must be developed, furnished and be exposed to achieve maximum professionalism.

The best thing about the Nissan Corporation is that it values the well-being of its employees and staffs. Nissan sees to it that its employees maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle for them to work effectively and enjoy the feeling of being at work.

In pursuit of a healthy workplace and healthy workforce, Nissan had guarded its employees with a wide range of benefits and programs. One of Nissan’s main objectives is to promote a healthy lifestyle and well-being is to ensure highest professional efficiency and personal fervor.


Nissan’s health benefit and well-being program include the following:

  • Medical benefits program for every employee with on-site medical center and Nissan Family Pharmacy.
  • Life insurance and disability coverage – Nissan Corporation also covers dental and vision insurance.
  • Saving plans and contribution accounts such as Limited Purpose and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account, 401(k) Savings plan and Defined Contribution Retirement Plan
  • 14 paid holidays and accumulated pay for a vacation trip and discounts for every purchase of vehicles for family and friends. A chance is also given to every employee to participate in the company’s lease vehicle program.
  • Financial assistance for school tuition fees

“Live well – your health, your life” is Nissan’s newest comprehensive program that covers health benefits for employees and covered dependents. This program has two components- (a) a Consumer Driven Health Plan with a Health Savings Account (HSA) and (b) Health Improvement Programs. With this program, you are given advantages and subsidies for your health improvement activities and personal enhancements. This program aspires to generate not only a fit and healthy professionals, but the community in general.

Nissan Motor Corporation has the ultimate training and development to awaken the sleeping power that sleeps inside every employee. Nissan provides Leadership Training that caters exciting yet intense training that helps you grow into the best worker you can be. Expert professionals coming from renowned firms and universities to help you transform as a person and as a professional conduct training.

Nissan is not only a front-runner in innovative car production, but also a leader in innovating quality service through its thorough training on molding world-class people that are equipped with the skills, dedication and passion for quality service.

Be one of us and together let us dedicate ourselves to produce superior cars and create a workforce that will enrich people’s life.

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