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Raley’s Supermarket is one of the successful retail companies in the United States particularly in California. The company is privately owned by the generation of Raley’s family and at present, the supermarket company is still growing to provide the best service to their customers in different locations. Take note, the supermarket company already has 128 stores in different locations. Some of these can be found in Bel Air (20 stores), Nob Hill Foods (28 stores) and the remaining are in other areas in California. Indeed, the success of the Raley family became fruitful and it it still growing since in the year 2011, the company already had $3 billion worth of revenues and profits and still counting. Remember, Raley’s has a total of 15,500 employees, which is working in different store locations and the good news here is that they are continuously hiring able employees for their business expansion. This great news would surely provide huge interest to people who wants to work in the company to earn money.


The retail company was founded by Tom Riley in the year 1935 and the name of the store during that time was Raley’s Drive-in Market which was located in Placerville, California. Remember, this time was also the Great Depression where a lot of citizens of America have no work but Tom Riley never gave up and the store grew eventually and became successful after all the company trials. In 1956, Tom’s grocery stores already totaled to 9 which then earned him $9 million. The following years and decades passed and the company grew further and acquiring other establishments such as the Eagle Thrifthy Drug Store, Bel Air Markets and Nob Hill Foods and Albertson’s and Lucky stores. Indeed, the company’s success was all because of the founder Tom Riley and at present the latest generation of Riley’s are working hard to make the retail company move forward to further success in business.

Warehouse Jobs

Consequently, as the retail business grows at Raley’s Supermarket, the demand of hiring possible employees grows as well. That’s why, if you are interested to become a part of the company then check out some of these job offers in which you are fit to apply for. Take note, there are various job categories you can apply for and again, this would depend on your skills, knowledge and experience. Here are some of the job offered.

Store Team Leader

It is your job responsibility to do all the job operations in the store location you would work for. Provide excellent communication to the work team and manage and set store expenses, store supervision, company policy and security and many more. Must be skilled and have the knowledge in store operations and must have the relevant years of experience as well.

Store Driver

As the store driver, you are able to manage picking up, loading and unloading of different products in the warehouse and in different distribution centers of the company. Must have a commercial driver’s license (California Class A) and be skilled in driving over at various store and warehouse locations of the company.


Your task as a bookkeeper is to manage all store accounting operations, which would meet the necessary accounting requirements of the company. Must keep every accounting tasks and information confidential and able to do the tasks accordingly. Must have the experience and skills and knowledge in accounting procedures.

Why Work at Raley’s?


Working at Raley’s Supermarket would provide you high salary and company benefits as well. Take note on the dental and health care, paid holidays, employee insurance and share of profit and other company bonuses. So start applying now at Riley’s and take advantage of the salary you can get including the company benefits.