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Equal Opportunity Employer
Rite Aid is considered an equal opportunity employer, they are committed to training a diverse work where individuals are respected and appreciated. It is their policy, through management to hire, train, recruit and promote their associates regardless of color, race, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, religion, disability, age, or any basis protected by the state. Rite Aid forbids unlawful revenge against persons who may report discrimination or harassment.
They care about the health of their companions, which is the reason they offer a superior benefits package. As one of their associates, once you satisfy specific qualification and requirements, you will have an opportunity in participating in a Rite Aid benefits.

Corporate Jobs at Rite Aid

Their operations starts from corporate to retail, brings about a vital set of values that is seen in everything they do. This value focuses on good customer service, teamwork, diversity, respect, integrity, fiscal responsibility, accountability, personal growth, and the community as whole. They have high standards, but they believe that their employees reflect these values to make their organization a proud working environment.
They are presently hiring value-focused and motivated individuals for the jobs in the Rite Aid regional and also corporate offices. They are looking for talented people who share their vision of high quality. Join their Talent Network and learn about corporate management and executive support opportunities at Rite Aid in the following jobs;
• Finance/ Accounting
• Merchandising/ Category Management
• Marketing
• Logistics/ Distribution
• Payroll and Human Resources
• Information Services
• Legal
• Pharmacy Services
• Construction/ Real Estate
• Store Operations
• Customer Service Call Centers and Technical Support
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Retail Jobs at Rite Aid
Rite Aid customers require to collect their photos, convenience and prescriptions items as fast as possible, so they count on a neat, well organized store and also offer quality customer service at all times. Their retail teams delivers by keeping items on sale in stock and offering help with a smile. If you love and enjoy working with such people and you can deliver the service they demand from their retail companions, then you should learn more about drugstore jobs at rite aid and apply today.
Starting from Store Manager to the Shift Supervisor to Cashier job, their jobs focus on upholding their position as the nation’s biggest drugstore chains. Their General Managers, Sales Associates, and Store Managers lead by example to upgrade products, meet their sales targets, communicate clearly and effectively with the customers, and bring the aspiration to their co-workers and the whole community.

Pharmacy Jobs at Rite Aid
Rite Aid customers choose to satisfy their prescriptions at their pharmacies not only because they provide accessible locations and hours, but because their staffs are dedicated to assist their customers understand directions prescribed and over-the-counter medication. They assist their customers and make them feel comfortable with their medication and their choice of pharmacy.
Rite Aid is looking for pharmacists, managers, pharmacy assistants, interns, and pharmacy technicians who have outstanding communication abilities to work in their retail locations across the country. Candidates must be comfortable when counseling people of different ages to form customer loyalty and trust.
They provide training in a various health conditions and immunizations programs, plus they offer a competitive benefits package to their pharmacy staff.

job-interviewDistribution & Logistics Jobs at Rite Aid
They have 4,700 Rite Aid stores in more than 31 states and in the District of Columbia, their distribution centers are vital to their success as the largest drugstore chain. Every person on their distribution team participates to Rite Aid’s commitment and excellence, from planning and logistics and planning to inventory and warehouse their operations run effectively because their team members conduct their jobs with a lot of care.
They are currently hiring supply chain logistics and professionals to work at the positions at their fourteen distribution centers. They have a variety of jobs including the following;
• Distribution Manager
• Supply Chain Engineer
• Human Resources Manager
• Safety Manager
• Training Manager
• Maintenance Mechanic
• General Warehouse