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Current logo of Safeway

Current logo of Safeway

Safeway Inc. is the name of a supermarket chain in North America, the second largest chain, second to Kroger. On this page, we will take a look at warehouse job opportunities at Safeway.


Safeway began as Sam Seelig Company in the year 1912. Seelig opened a grocery store in the city of Los Angeles. After the end of World War I, Sam Seelig Company was indebted to its grocery wholesaler, a firm owned by W.R.H Weldon. Consequently, the control of the firm was put in the hands of Weldon and Seelig took charge of Retail Operations of the company. The name of the company comes from a contest that was held to specifically change the name of the company. By 1932, Safeway had 3,400 stores. Today, Safeway has more than 1600 locations and employs more than 178,000 employees.


Some warehouse positions that you can work at Safeway are warehouse worker, warehouse clerk, stocker. As a warehouse worker, you will select and palletize cases of merchandise for shipment to grocery stores. Previous warehouse experience is required for this position. You will be lifting weights up to 100 lbs.

You will ship and receive paperwork in a warehouse paperwork. You will need to be proficient in 10 key skills for this position. You will be managing several tasks and should be able to work flexible schedules which include weekends and holidays. You must be proficient also with Microsoft Windows / have computer literacy in order to read, verify and enter data into various systems for clerical warehouse position.

As a stocker, your duty is to stock the pickline, rotate stocks within warehouse, operate forklift and pallet jack and ensure “first in, first out” staging of products. You will remove any damaged products and perform other duties assigned by the supervisor.

As far as benefits are concerned, you get Medical, Vision, Dental and Orthodentia, Employee Assistance Program, Health care and Dependent care Flexible Spending Accounts, Company paid basic Life Insurance, Paid time off for vacation, sick leave, prescription drug coverage, 401(k) and Professional and Career Education Program.

Applying online for Jobs:

Applying for a Safeway warehouse job is a bit more time-consuming as compared to other companies’ job applications because there is no dedicated warehouse jobs category. However, we will take a look at how to search for warehouse jobs regardless. You can perform a job search that is location-specific. You can do it by following this link:

Choose whichever option is applicable for you. This will take you to a page wherein you can choose the location where you’d like to work. After the selection has been made, click on ‘Find’.Once the results are displayed, you should see a button titled ‘Choose a position.’ Clicking on it will display the available positions at that particular location. Select the position you want to apply for and click on the ‘Apply’ button at the bottom.


The interview for Safeway warehouse jobs, as with any other warehouse positions, will not be a very difficult process. You might be asked questions like “Describe a time when you had to deal with a difficult co-worker.” Or you might be asked when you can start. You might be asked about why you wish to work with Safeway and why they should hire you.


Working at a Safeway warehouse will get you an average hourly salary of $12.28/hr with the highest reported salary being $19/hr and the lowest being $7/hr.

Company Standing:

Safeway has a poor reputation among its employees. The employee satisfaction isn’t positive and only 37% approve of the C.E.O Steve Burd.