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Sears is an American multinational department store chain which has a headquarter in Hoffman Estates, Illinois in Greater Chicago. It was founded by Richard Warren Sears and Alvah Curtis Roebuck back in 1893. Sears, Roebuck and Co. offers a wide range of home merchandise, apparel and other products and services in more than 1,320 Sears branded and affiliated stores in the United States and Canada. The company is one of the nation’s largest retailers which has 4,000 stores in North America.


Sears was founded by Richard Warren Sears and Alvah Curtis Roebuck in 1893. Richard Sears was a railroad station agent in Minnesota and at that time he received from a Chicago jeweler a shipment of watches which were unwanted by a local jeweler. Sears purchased them and sold the watches for another profit to other station agents then ordered more for sale. Later on he started his business selling watches through mail order catalogs. He then moved to Chicago, Illinois, where he met Alvah Roebuck, who later joined him in the business. In 1893, the company name became Sears, Roebuck & Co. And the first Sears catalog was published in 1888 and had grown to 322 pages which featured sewing machines, sporting goods, automobiles and other new items in 1894. By 1895, the company was already producing a 532 page catalog and sales became greater than $400,000 by 1893.  Sears opened their catalog plant and the Sears Merchandise Building Tower in Chicago by 1906. Richard Sears and Alvah Roebuck renamed their watch company as Sears, Roebuck & Company. Roebuck decided to quit because of the full scale depression in 1895 and Sears offered Roebuck’s half of the company to Chicago businessman Aaron Nusbaum who also brought in his brother-in-law Julius Rosenwald. In August 1895, they brought Roebuck’s half of the company for $75,000 and was re-incorporated in Illinois with a capital stock of $150,000. Rosenwald was the one who brought to the mail order firm a management philosophy and varieties of product lines. His leadership as Vice President and Treasurer helped the company increase their sales upwards to $50 million. Sears began to diversify in the 1930s  and established major national brands such as Silverstone, Superstone and Toughskins.

Sears Warehouse Jobs

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Material Handler

As a Material Handler, you are responsible for the distribution of activities conducted in accordance with International Standards Organization 9001. You should be able to drive a lift truck and must meet unit quality and productivity metrics. You will perform all other duties assigned.


General Warehouse Associate

As a General Warehouse Associate, you will be responsible for the accurate handling of merchandise into and out of the warehouse. You will unloads and stocks incoming merchandise, checks, verifies and audits merchandise and enters data into the system. Will operates a forklift when needed and report damages and problems from immediate manager. Perform other duties as assigned.



As the Installer, you will drive the truck over established route to deliver basic installation of products. You will record sales or delivery information on daily sales or record, listens and reports service complaints. Cleans inside of the truck and performs routine inspections on vehicle.


Clerical Associate

As a Clerical Associate, you will perform a specific inventory related processes and investigate overages, shortages, other problems and adjustments related to production. Communicate with internal and external customers and communicate effectively on all issues related to the daily operations of the department. Will cross train as needed to learn all clerical functions.


Distribution Center Operations Manager

As the Distribution Center Operations Manager, you will manage various operations and support functions for the distribution center. You will ensure production goals are being achieved through efficient and high quality receiving and shipping of store orders.

Why work with Sears?

You can work at Sears whether you are a recent college graduate, an experienced professional or a first time job seeker, you can find with the company what you are looking for at their wide range of career opportunities. Sears Holdings is committed to improving the lives of their members by providing them with quality services that will earn their trust and build a lifelong relationship. The company believes that their associates are the heart of their company and they value teamwork, integrity and positive energy. You join their dedicated and talented team and build a rewarding and exciting career with them.