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One of the necessities of a household are grocery and medications. It is safe to say that these are the products that are important to be available within the community. This is what Shoppers food is proud of. It holds everything that your household will need in its wide range supermarket choices while taking into consideration the value for money. There are different selection of the best poultry products, the most amazing beef and the enormous variety of the freshest produce across the country. These are the most sought after product in the store, Moreover, there is the most popular “Collosal Donut” that is just to die for in line with the various food selection to fit every craving you have. Apart from the supermarket that it can boast of being the redesigned pharmacy that will provide you will everything that you need, especially those prescription drugs that sometimes go out of stock.

Its roots

It started as a small delicatessen in Washington, D.C. by the Russian immigrants of Irving and Kenneth Herman. The brothers never thought that this business would grow big and even pursed other careers, but with the Great Depression, they continued the small beginning that they started and opened the first Jumbo Food Store. From that time on, it continued to grow and by 1978, the warehouse format was implemented where Brand products are the only one being sold, but the catch is, it is sold for a lower price compared to the other supermarkets in the area. This strategy spanned the curiosity of the market and they gobbled up the idea. This presents the notion that they are getting more than their money deserve because of the Brand that is attached to the label. This new change also brought a new branding to the store, dropping the Jumbo and adopting the Shoppers Food Warehouse name.


There are different possibilities that are waiting for you once you decide to be part of this dynamic team. This may be a food store but this does not mean that you will not be entertained if you have no previous experience. They take pride on providing equal opportunity in the different departments that are available for hiring. If you are high spirited, enjoyed working with a team and equipped with determination and people skills, then you are exactly what they are looking for.


Retail Positions

The vast general merchandise is available to be your playground. Your communication skills may be put to test, but will be harnessed into its full potential. After you have tackled the main ground, there are other associate and management positions that are available once you are ready to move on to the next level.

Supply chain services

If looking into the availability of stocks and ensuring that all of the merchandise is available for the public consumption is your forte, this is the team that would gladly welcome you. Since shoppers food warehouse is one of the biggest supplier, it needs a clear system to identify the different products that are being purchased and the need to restock. This expertise will also help the management decide as to what product is frequently purchased, thus restocking ahead of time is important.

Corporate and Support Center

In the different stores of Shoppers Food Warehouse, it is not necessary that you will be on the ground. You could be anywhere in the different outlets and different departments

What’s in it for you?

More than the robust system that the Shoppers Food Warehouse have and the dynamic team, it is like being in a family but with the competitive benefits. Enjoying the company’s full employee package together with medical and dental benefits and other fringe benefits awaits you.