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Snapple Company was founded by Arnold Greenberg, Hyman Golden and Leonard Marsh in New York the year 1972, without much knowledge of juice preparations. Marsh and Greenberg created apple juice in carbonated water, which gave the new product the name “Snapple”.

With the implementation of the new beverage drink in the year 1981 with the taste of apple fruit, the company was named as Snapple Beverage Corporation. The company expanded its business from the basic fruit juices to all natural ingredients enriched carbonated fruit juices. At present the Snapple groups are producing four different flavors namely lemonade, juice drink, tea and bottled water.

Few locations of the Snapple warehouses

  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Austin, Texas
  • Northlake, Illinois
  • Beckley, West Virginia
  • Racine, Wisconsin
  • Reno, Nevada
  • Louisville, Kentucky
  • Ottumwa, Iowa
  • Hattiesburg, Minnesota
  • Holland, Michigan

Snapple warehouse jobs

Let’s take a look at some of the Snapple warehouse jobs

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Forklift operator

A person applying for the forklift operator job needs to be skilled in the staging, loading and distribution of Snapple Products pallet according to the productivity requirement. The candidate should possess extraordinary skill to dedicate and determined to help the company achieve its targeted goal of being the best beverage business organization in America respectively. They should have skills in the forklift and also be able to push, carry, pick and stack the product materials.

Job requirement for forklift operator

  • Carry out the loading and unloading procedure from the loaded trucks
  • Supply essential packaging hulls, cartons and materials according to the needs
  • Perform general housekeeping duties

Delivery driver

The delivery driver is responsible for delivering end products in the form of both small and large format especially for advancements made in the production sales eventually. The Snapple group brands are carefully manufactured for maintaining a pleasant merchandising and supreme quality service. The localized driving position is offered to skilled candidate possessing a high school diploma and above 21 years of age. He should be able to pull, push and lift up to 50 pounds and also have the Valid Commercial Driver license along with the common driving license. Job requirement of the delivery driver-

  • Responsible for delivering materials within the scheduled time limit in good condition without any damages
  • Assure that the packages and brands are rotated in proper manner in order to safeguard customers satisfaction
  • Maintain the vehicle assigned to him in good condition according to the Safety Rules and regulations
  • Responsible for maintaining shelf merchandise for storing the materials according to the demand of customer or manager

Warehouse associate

The warehouse associate is responsible for implementing the product orders for outgoing packages and loads in safe and accurate manner. The candidate should be skilled in warehouse activities and should possess high school diploma. Job requirements of Snapple warehouse associate are

  • He is responsible for loading the semi-trailers and route trucks with the help of battery operated pallet jack or forklift.
  • With the use of proper equipment they should be able to shift the product to the respective storage areas
  • Maintain  documents of movements, shipments and transfers electronically
  • Make sure that the material items are stored in an accessible and orderly manner

If you are hard working with endless passion and innovative progress, come join the wonderful team.


Snapple warehouseEmployees working in Snapple are offered some of the best packages such as

  • Dental, Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • insurance coverage
  • 401(k)
  • Vacation pay
  • Employee assistance program
  • Training & development and many other benefits.

Apply for a job in Snapple:

Snapple offer excellent career opportunities in every sector within the distribution centers. If you are hard working with endless passion and innovative progress, then you are the one to join the wonderful team in Snapple. You can submit your applications in their website


Associates working in Snapple get paid in the range of $11 – $15 every hour. Meanwhile Assistant Manager gets about $30k – $50k per month.

Company Standing:

Employee reviews suggest that Snapple is a friendly workplace. 100% of employees are willing to recommend the company to their friends and 100% approve of the CEO, Bryan Mazur

Pros of working in the company are

  • Flexible working hours
  • Great pay and benefits

And the cons include

  • Poor Management
  • No career advancement