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The logo of Target Corporation

The logo of Target Corporation

Target is a discount retailer in the United States, and one of the largest ones at that. Target ranks second among the largest retailers in the country, second only to Walmart. We will take a look at Distribution center jobs at Target on this page.


History of Target can be traced back to the early 1960s. The first Target store was opened in the year 1962, on 1st May. It was in Minnesota. Target is a product of merger between The Dayton Company and Detroit based J.L Hudson Company. Together, they became known as the Dayton-Hudson Corporation. Target was expanded throughout the country in the 1970s and 1980s. It was around the same time that there were falls in profits owing to lack of top executives in discount retailing. The company did get back on track and went on to reduce losses and focused on further expansion. In the early 1980s, Target expanded to the West Coast and acquired 33 FedMart stores. As of this writing, Target has more than 1700 locations, employing more than 365,000 people.


As far as distribution center jobs are concerned, Target has a lot to offer. You can choose to work in Warehouse operations, wherein, you will be handling merchandise and moving it with the help of warehouse equipments and machines. This area entails receiving and unloading of cartons from trailers, unloading of cartons from electric conveyor and so on and so forth. You can also work in the area of Facility Operations wherein you can work as a maintenance technician or unity attendant. You will be working with electrical systems, plumbing and electronics if you choose to work as a maintenance technician. You will be performing maintenance repairs as required. As a unity attendant, you will mainly be operating and maintaining battery equipments.

You can even choose to work in packing operations where you can the job as a packer, wherein you will verify and pack merchandise from master cartons to store cartons. You will scan labels and process merchandise using the appropriate equipment. You can also work under Food Distribution area, where you can get the job of a quality control technician. As a quality control technician, your job is to inspect all products for their quality, perform temperature and expiration date checks on them. You will also be required to process as well as document damaged goods as a quality control technician.

Almost all of the aforementioned jobs need you to lift heavy weights and the age requirement is 18 years or above in order to be eligible. Some jobs prefer the candidate to have an experience with handling of warehouse equipments.

Target offers several benefits which includes 401(k) plan, national and personal holidays, Life insurance, Target Credit Union, Vacation and much more which you can read about in the following links:

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Career benefits:

Online job application:

The Fedex Careers page is Once there, click on the ‘Search Hourly Careers’ box at the center of the page. This will take you to their welcome page. Next, click on ‘Start’. You can now choose ‘Distribution Center’ section of the page. Click on ‘Find Jobs’ for ‘Target Distribution Center’ The next page asks for verification of age. Select yes and continue. The next page lists the states where you can apply for Distribution Center jobs. Choose your state. That will display the results for distribution center jobs in the selected state. Next, select the job area of your choice, for example ‘Packing operations’. Then, click ‘Continue’. The very next page will display list of jobs for the selected job area. Select the job you want to apply for and click ‘Next’. The next page asks for confirmation of your selection and prioritize them. Click ‘Next’ after you are done. The next page asks for pertinent information required for application of that job, such as Social Security Number, permanent address, etc. Click ‘Continue’ and the job application form will appear where you will need to fill the required fields and apply for the selected jobs.


For the interview, you might be asked questions such as ‘What did you like about Target?’ or you might be asked to describe a mistake that you made at work and steps you took to rectify the mistake, the point of which is to gauge your problem solving and organizational skills. You may be asked something like ‘Describe a time when you and a co-worker had an issue and how you resolved it.’


The average hourly salary for distribution center jobs at Target is $14.5/hr. The highest reported salary is $15/hr and the lowest reported salary is $14/hr. It depends also on which job area you wish to work in, even among warehouse jobs.

Company Standing:

Most employees are satisfied with their jobs at Target. However, considering the fact that Target has stores in more than 1700 locations, individual experiences differ. Overall, 73% employees approve of the C.E.O Gregg W. Steinhafel.