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The second biggest company retailer by revenue at present is Tesco and third in the world based on profits. Take into account, the multi-grocery store is most popular in the UK. However, they also have opened different store locations in Europe and Asia, particularly in Thailand and Malaysia. The retail store company has lots to offer to their valued customers. Different goods which you can find in a grocery store and also dry goods such as clothes, footwear apparel and many more. The reason why Tesco became successful in the retailing business is because of the various products they sell which are affordable and almost every item is in their store. Not only that, but they also value their employees and it’s all about teamwork in the company. Everybody is involved just to provide the best for their customers.


The founder of the company is John Cohen and he first established Tesco in the year 1919. His father was a Jewish migrant which originated from Poland. It all started when he sold grocery items which was considered as war grocery items during that time at Wall Street Market that’s located in the east end of London. Now the brand name Tesco initially came up when John Cohen purchased a tea shipment to Thomas Edward Stockwell. Eventually, John combined the three letters of Mr. Stockwell (TES) and his surname as well (CO) and thus the brand name Tesco came about. Then it was history and until now, the company is raking up huge revenues and opening other stores in different locations in the UK and Europe.

Warehouse Jobs

Now, as to generate more jobs because of the ever expanding business of the company, they are continuously hiring skilled workers that would fit into different job posting categories. To provide you the details, especially if you want to work in the company, here are some of the jobs offered in Tesco. Read on.

Warehouse Operative

It is your job to deal with the products and other goods that would go in and out of the warehouse or stockroom There are no other skills and experience required, but being physically fit is a must and English and Math including IT skills is a plus. Apprenticeship is also offered for proper training at work.

Customer Assistant

It is your task to provide excellent communication to the customers. Offer assistance to any complaints or inquiries the customers would want to ask from you either face to face or through online customer support.

Stock Investigation Manager

Your job as a stock investigation manager is to investigate all information and evidences gathered warehouse stock problems that may come about. It is also your job to provide the results and be a part of the team to resolve the issue. Must be skilled in investigation and interrogation and must have the skills and knowledge in stock inventory system and IT system for further investigation jobs.

Take into account all these and the other job listings offered by the retail company are offered as part time or full time.

Why work at Tesco?


Tesco is not just earning revenues for the company. They are also providing the best income resources for their employees. Also, they are able to provide the right salary and benefits for their team of workers. Some of the benefits besides the feasible salary they provide includes paid holidays, discount cards for employees after six months working in the company, share options, health care and even lifestyle and career break opportunity. So what are you waiting for my friend, your career can surely grow with the company so better apply now and be on your way to earning your hard earned money at Tesco.