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In talking about food companies in America, US Foods can never be discarded. It is one of the leading businesses operating in the food industry in America nowadays. The company acts as a distributor, which serves not just individual customers, but restaurants also, and other huge organizations, both public and private sectors. It collaborates with the hospitals and institutions.

With 350,000 products, to distribute all throughout the entire premises of the United States of America, the company became very stable and up to now, it continues to prosper. The quality products they distribute to the 60 locations nationwide are all of high quality ingredients with excellent renowned brands.

Today, they employ 25,000 workers to maneuver the business operations to the more successful state. If you wish to become part of this very productive company, you should know the details below.

Why You Should Work with US Foods

Aside from the competitive salary and benefits they reward to all their deserving workers, they make sure that all individuals working for the company have the important values that the company preserves. These can be all boiled down to four of their core values:

  • Success
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Teamwork

The management strongly believes that with happy, productive, and responsible workers, success will never be impossible to achieve.

With the growing business and concrete plans for expansions, this gives more opportunities for aspiring individuals.

The company is welcoming people to become part of their successful business. They are willing to invest in their workers, drafting professional development plans, not just for the betterment of the individual, but also for the whole business operations.

How You Should Get In

Three different ways are available, so you can get into the business transactions of US Foods. You can be one of their productive members through:

Opting for this method can give you the freedom to customize your resume and application letter. It can also be very fast to notice your email. However, it could also be that your email will be in the Spam folder, which might lose your chance to be hired, unless they would find some time to look into that folder.

  • Filling in the online application form

This might take a while, but this can actually give you more chances to be hired. This will let you submit your profile in their database and if there would be open positions and you are qualified, they can just check their records and might consider your application.

  • Through an employment agency

You will get the full assistant from agencies if you opted to ask their services. The higher chances you will get, but also the lower salary you will receive. This is because the some of the agencies might get some commission from recommending you to the company. Although, this arrangement still depends on their policies. You should be aware of this, before you opt to get this method.

US Foods is an equal opportunity giver. They do not discriminate race, religion, sex, disability and national origin. This opens the chances for all people who are qualified for the job to be employed as long as there is an open position.


Consider the following criteria:

There are minimum requirements for each open position and you should meet them all.

You need to get satisfactory performance rates and should maintain a good attendance record.

You should secure and submit a Management Evaluation form and forward it to the Human Resource Team, since they are the once who filter the applicants.

If you meet and do all what are mentioned above, there is a higher chance for you to be hired. Good luck!