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Lead Warehouse Worker Job Description

Contrary to popular beliefs, warehouse employment opportunities are not limited to blue-collar jobs. You can exercise your leadership skills as well as a lead warehouse worker. Explore this exciting job opportunity by learning more about the lead warehouse worker job description.

Lead Warehouse Worker Job Description

In a nutshell, the lead warehouse worker is in charge of supervising workhouse operations and activities. To maintain the smooth workflow of the storehouse, he needs to ensure that all his workers are performing their job descriptions within the prescribed safety standards. At the same time, he needs to ensure that stocks are requisitioned properly and filled according to warehouse protocols.

Lead Warehouse Worker

The lead warehouse worker, as a first-line supervisor, is also responsible for the following activities:

  • Requisitioning supplies and stocks
  • Furnishing needed documents and paperworks
  • Processing requests for shipments/deliveries
  • Packaging items due for delivery
  • Delivering goods
  • Ensuring safety measures within the warehouse

As a supervisor, the lead warehouse worker is responsible for training, supervising, and scheduling his workers. He needs to monitor his employees, to make sure that they are performing accordingly during their shifts. Afterwards, he needs to evaluate them to determine if their job descriptions are carried out accurately.

As a champion for warehouse employees, the lead warehouse worker is tasked to listen to personnel complaints and grievances – and make sure that their sentiments are answered in compliance with company policies.

How to Become a Lead Warehouse Worker

As for most warehouse jobs, a lead warehouse worker is required to possess a high school diploma or a GED equivalent. However, he needs to have two years of warehouse work experience as well. Additionally, he needs to possess a commercial driver’s license.

Since a lead warehouse worker is the middleman between the heads and the employees, he needs to possess good communication skills.

He also needs to have good problem-solving skills, as he is required to resolve problems within employees and departments. At times, he also needs to address concerns and issues with clients.

Good organizational skills are another requirement for a lead warehouse workers. That’s because these first-line supervisors have to organize workloads in order to maintain the smooth flow of operations.

As a budding manager, a lead warehouse worker should possess a good team spirit. He needs to successfully foster trust, cooperation, and respect amongst the team members. Without these, the warehouse will be in utter chaos.

Since a lead warehouse worker is in charge of training subordinates, he needs to have good mentorship skills. After all, the proficiency of a warehouse worker depends on his teacher’s proficiency.

Physical strength is also required in lead warehouse workers. Even if he already supervises the employees, he needs to participate in some lifting and transporting as well.

Like his subordinates, the lead warehouse worker needs to be proficient in operating machines and equipment used in the warehouse. At the same time, he needs to conduct the maintenance and easy repairs of these items as needed.

Lead Warehouse Worker Job Environment

As with most storehouse jobs, a lead warehouse worker needs to work in a workhouse. With that being said, he can be exposed to dust, gases, fumes, and other materials.

As a supervisor, the lead warehouse worker might spend more time in the office, ensuring that day-to-day operations are in good order. As with most warehouse jobs, he needs to work 40 hours per week.

Lead Warehouse Worker Salary

The median hourly pay for a lead warehouse worker is $15. Starters usually earn $11 while experts get to take home as much as $29 per hour. Outside these earnings are bonuses amounting to as much as $2000, and profit shares of roughly $3,000.