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Warehouse Dock Worker Job Description

The lifeblood of a warehouse depends on the products that move in or out of it. If such is not done in a timely manner, the warehouse can lose a significant amount of money.

Keeping the warehouse processes in check is the warehouse dock worker, also known as longshoremen. They are in charge of moving cargo off and on delivery trucks, either by hand or with the use of machinery.

Warehouse Dock Worker Job Description

As it has been said, the main job of a warehouse dock worker is to move cargo from the delivery truck to the warehouse on vice versa. Should the process necessitate the manual moving of items, the longshoremen can work in groups known as gangs.

More than this main task, a warehouse dock worker is also responsible for checking deliveries. As a checker, he should:

  • Inspect the cargo containers, to see if they are unlocked or damaged.
  • Handle and receive shipping documents. Such data are encoded into computer databases, so the items/cargoes can be tracked accurately.

A warehouse dock worker can also take the role of a winch operator. As the name suggests, it is his responsibility to operate the winch machine that transport the cargo from the truck to the warehouse. A winch is a crane-like machine that features huge pincers. These pincers take the cargo – or feature a net that captures the shipment. Before the operator makes use of the winch machine, his fellow dock workers first need to securely strap the items so that they might be transported accordingly.

In order to ensure that all machines are in perfect order, a warehouse dock worker can also take the role of a gear repairer. True to its’ name, this dock worker is responsible for making sure that the equipment are in stellar condition. He also sees to it that repairs are carried out to ensure the smooth flow of warehouse processes.

What it Takes to Become a Warehouse Dock Worker

Are you interested in becoming a warehouse dock worker? You don’t have to be a genius to take this job. You have to, however, possess the following characteristics:

  • Agility

Defined as the ability to move quickly and easily, agility is essential to any warehouse dock worker. This is especially the case if the company makes use of machineries, as you need to respond quick to the unpredictable movements of these equipment.

  • Physical Strength

Dock working is primarily a physical job, as you need to move cargoes in and out of the warehouse. With that being said, you need to possess immense physical strength in order to carry out the tasks effectively and efficiently.

  • Endurance

Merriam-Webster defines endurance as the ability to do something difficult for a long time. It also speaks about the ability to deal with pain or suffering that continues for a long span of time. With the hard work and labor required for a dock worker, you definitely need to possess endurance.  Carrying crates to and fro is no easy task, and as long as you have endurance, you will be able to fulfill your responsibilities quickly.

  • Quick thinking

As a warehouse dock worker, you will be met with situations you have not prepared for. As such, it is imperative that you have quick thinking skills so you can solve any dilemmas hurled in front of you.

  • Good eyesight

Good eyesight is required in all warehouse job positions, even that of a dock worker. You need to see things clearly so that no accidents might happen along the way.

  • Good hearing

Just as important as good eyesight is good hearing. As a warehouse dock worker, you need to be alert for any problems. Most often than not, you can detect these problems by hearing an off-putting sound.